How much do you love your gadgets? Does it like your everyday meal that gives you entertainment or social connection to your friend or loved ones? What if I told you that tablets like one you have can be shared to your friends and family? What if the functionality of the tablet not just cornered into one person, but can be used by many at once.

Platform Coffee Table

Introducing the Ideum 32-inch and 46-inch Android table that has enough room to share for the whole family. It can be used for business, such as coffee shop and act as a coffee table or some major restaurant that can be used to whatever it may serve. It can be used as a multifunctional drafting table, that would be great for professionals such as an architect or civil engineer. As you can see, it has a lot of room for possibilities.

Platform Coffee Table

To make this possible, Ideum and 3M collaborate the high performance Tablet for 3M Multi-touch Displays, the idea is to expand the platform from different professions and businesses. The Platform 46 and 32 Coffee Table featuring the 3M Multi-Touch Display, redefines casual computing with a professional quality, ruggedized, complete, turnkey multi-touch table.

Platform Coffee Table

This will ensure the owners/users that it can withstand the weight of certain objects (such as glasses, plates, bowls, cups…) and what’s even more great is the water resistant of the unit, whenever an accident occurs such as water spills over the table.

Platform Coffee Table

But that’s not all, the 32″ and 46″ Coffee Table features the 1080p Ultra-thin HD LCD Display, 40 simultaneous touch points with palm rejection (32″) / 60 simultaneous touch points with palm rejection (46″), 250GB onboard internal storage (32″) / 500 GB onboard internal storage (46″), 8GB RAM DDR3 (32″) / 16GB RAM DDR3 (46″), Intel i7-3540M 3.7GHz Processor, and some wired/wireless connectivity to connect other devices/peripherals.

Platform Coffee Table

The Platform Coffee Table is available via Android and Windows 8 OS. Starting price ranges to $6,950 (USD).

For more info visit the website (Ideum). Watch the Youtube video (click here).

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  1. i want 10 seater table sa laki…. haha.. i can’t imagine na kainan mo may touchscreen tapos pwede kang maginternet..

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