Greenest Smartphone Manufacturers (featuring Sony, Samsung, Apple, Nokia, LG and Lenovo)

Here are the lists of greener electronics – featuring Smartphone Manufacturers (with no particular order).

Sony Xperia Z

1. Sony – the company is one of the most environmental friendly products, using recycled plastics and phased out the used of PVC. They also reach a score well for most energy efficient.







Samsung Galaxy S4
2. Samsung – raising their product lifecycle in order to help their consumers to hold on to their devices as long as possible.






Apple iPhone 5



3. Apple – some of the most energy efficient, first to produce PVC and BFR free products.





Nokia Lumia 520

4. Nokia recently using Recycled Plastics in their manufacture.







5. LG – the manufacturer has a buyback phone system for obsolete devices.









Lenovo K900

6. Lenovo – aims to establish new targets to reduce its GHG emissions







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