How to Backup WordPress database, files, folders, data (Post, Pages, etc…) via cPanel Web Host and WordPress dashboard

(Note : By doing this, I expected you have an internet connection and your own webhost or webserver on your localhost)

Having a regular backup is a good habit to save your website for any problems and issue may arise in the future. You cannot guarantee it would be 100 percent error free or bug free website. Everything is possible, including file corruption, failed updates, viruses, etc…

For your convenience, there is a way to prevent such disaster such as “BACKUP”, knowing how is easy, can be done without any hassle techniques.


1. If you are using cPanel (via Web host), login to your account, then click File Manager under Files section.

2. From the File Manager, you able to see bunch of folders and files.

To backup, you can select several folders and files then right-click it, and then choose Compress. This will turn everything into one zip file. In other cases, if your WordPress files/folders have a folder of its own, you can right-click it and compress.
Backup WordPress database and files
You may also do this if you’re WordPress files are in the root directory, just select the entire folders and files and then compress it. You may compress folders/files whether it is a images, data, or whatever you wanted to backup it up.

3. When you already compressed the file, you can either keep it on the temp folder of your web host or download it to your computer. Right-click and then choose Download.
Backup WordPress database and files


4. After you finish to backup folders/files of your WordPress, it’s time to backup your WordPress database. From the cPanel Home page, click phpMyAdmin under Databases section.
Backup WordPress database and files

5. From there, at the left side of panel, you will see the list of databases you have on your web host account. Click the database which is connected to your WordPress.
Backup WordPress database and files

6. From the top panel, click on Export from the menu list.
Backup WordPress database and files

7. From there, you can choose whether quick or custom export of the database. I prefer custom because I can choose freely what should I’m going to backup (list of tables), what kind of database file format, and other command options necessary for the import.
Backup WordPress database and files
Backup WordPress database and filesBackup WordPress database and filesBackup WordPress database and files
In here, I choose SQL file format, and leave the rest as is. Then click Go after you select and finish necessary options, then save it to your computer.
Backup WordPress database and files
(Note: command/dump options are important, in terms when you need to import the database)

BACKUP (Posts, pages and other custom post types / Comments / Custom fields and post meta / Categories, tags and terms from custom taxonomies / Authors) from your WORDPRESS…

8. Login to your WordPress administrator account, from your dashboard, go to Tools then select Export.
Backup WordPress database and files

9. From there, you can choose what to export. (All content / Posts / Pages or Contact Forms) – and then click Download Export File.
Backup WordPress database and files

10. You may need to install WordPress Importer Plugin, so that you can import the WordPress exported file.
Backup WordPress database and files

That’s it. Hopefully this helps you out 🙂

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