(by: Revengsky Joseph D. Reyes – a.k.a rjdreyes –

First all I would like to point out the word “DISCIPLINE”, “GIVING” and “RESPECT”. Why? Read my story, I would recommend you’re going to love this.

Everyday we ride on the MRT train, as we passengers and customers of the same train. Daily we encountered problems, from small issues to big issues. Some loss something valuable, some get hurt while mobilized to get inside the train, with people who wants to get in first (I think we all do that – don’t deny it). Some people are argue with one another because of the heavy traffic, stress to get inside the train(no, with same train they used to ride). Fighting, yeah that’s the word, it’s like boxing arena or basketball game, try to box out the person or with another person, for the place they wanted to.(Usually get hurt with one another. – called a headache / high-tempered and easily to get pissed.)

Just today, me and my wife are in the MRT station. We let people or person get in first, who are in the front lane, without any argue and it feels relaxing.(Who wants to argue with the place, we don’t argue and we intend to respect with one another, that is a good feeling, do we?). After that, when me and my wife are enough in the front lane, we wait for the another MRT train to come by, because it’s already full and we don’t want to get hurt or hurt someone in the MRT train causing stress to a person and a headache.(Again, who wants stress just riding in the MRT train, but we always do have, right?).

When the next MRT train arrives, (All hells lose, you know what?), people are really intended to get in first, which it’s very painful and stressful. Ouch ow! It hurts you know!, And you know what, while my wife managed to get in, but she didn’t get any seat at all, but “MEN” yeah men does!!!!(Where is the word “RESPECT” and “GENTLEMEN” there?). Well, my story isn’t end here, while my wife manage to get in, I’m stack at the door of the MRT train, well you know what, people are badly needed to get in first, while me on the otherhand are in the front lane. Darn! So I calm down and think quickly within the situation.

I give way to the lady besides me, because her body was trap in between while managing to get in.(Just imagine, her body is like a pancake, and yet squeezing and compressing they do, to managed to get in.)

I back-off a little bit so that she can entirely get inside the train. Meanwhile, this “GUY”(If you’re reading my blog, yeah it was you, you’re A******), he is on my back (I think he misinterpret what I did, and you know what he did, he PUSH me. Yeah he literally push me!), So I hold up and not tried to push away, because the lady was in my front and if i’m out of control, I may hurt myself and the lady in front on me, or worst!

Anyway, when the lady already managed it’s way, I got entirely inside besides my wife(STANDING), and this guy he is unto “ARGUE”, you know what he said to me, (In tagalog word, “Ang bagal mo, kaya hindi tayo umaasenso nyan e, may delaying tactics ka pa, hinaharagan mo pa ako”). – If you’re reading my blog, I know maybe you’re reading(if you know to use an internet and computer WISELY).

So I answered him, (Hello, ok ka lang? Siksikan kaya dun, pre wag ka kasi makipagunahan at manulak. Lahat tayo customers dito makakapasok din tayong lahat hindi naman kailangan manulak).

And this guy murmuring, I think he didn’t analyzed the situation back there, and again, because of the stress, he easily get pissed, he is high-tempered and not in reason.

So I said to him, “dinadaan kasi sa init ng ulo e”, I am also about to tell him about respect and discipline, but my wife saids to me, that is already enough. So I quiet down, but I wanted to him, so that my point is kindly and directly implanted to this GUY’S BRAIN(get educated ok?).

This guy is looking at me, I give him a straight look at his face, but he couldn’t managed to face me straight. (I think, he already calm down, and I think, he didn’t think first before he speaks! Hmp! Serves him right!).

You know what, if you’re reading this blog, yes, you’re the GUY who push me. Maybe you’ll understand what I did, maybe not today or maybe tomorrow. This applies to each and everyone of us, We don’t need to PUSH, get HURT or ARGUE with one another, just to get in FIRST, inside the MRT train. All we need is simple words to keep in mind, “DISCIPLINE”, “GIVING” and “RESPECT”.

Yeah about those simple words, the MRT management station always and everyday keeps reminding us, do we? I hope we all do learn our lessons someday.

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