The very addictive and popular game app “Flappy Bird” goes to shutdown by its creator “Dong Nguyen”, due to reason that the game causes a lot of attention and overrated reaction by the press people.


Flappy BirdFlappy Bird

Flappy BirdFlappy Bird

With the averaging $50,000 a day in ad revenue and very popular game app, who would imagine that it will goes down not by the users, but the creator itself.

Flappy Bird

Dong Nguyen messages in his Official Twitter Account

As for some people, that the addictive game app is a worst and not so good game ever made, who would expect that it will steal the number 1 top spot in game app store.

Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird on Top 1 game spot in Google Play Store

You can still download and play the game but after 22 hours from time its declared to be shutdown, you won’t see the game app on app stores. This will be a shocking news for game users who really hooked up in the game. For game users, it’s a sweet, simple and addictive game but a sad story to see its end. Bye Flappy Bird!

Flappy BirdFlappy Bird

Flappy Bird on iTunes and Google Play Store

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6 thoughts on “Flappy Bird flies away and goes bye-bye by game developer”
  1. bye bye flappy birds hehehe, not too good to hear kapag nilagayan ng double meaning. anyways, meron pa naman ibang games that similar to this.

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