How to change the author of the published post? What will happen to the link of post? Here’s the tip on how-tos!

There is a certain situation that you need to change the author of the published post in blogger (for whatever the reason). But changing from author to another is no simple task.

In Blogger, cannot change its author (Google Account) when the post has been published. There were tons of reasons why, but there is a way on how we can change it and build its old post address link to the new post. It is easy but a tiresome, and you need to follow certain steps.

(Note: By doing this, I expected you have an internet connection and your own blogger account.)

1. Login to your Blogger Account (used the Admin Account).

2. Copy the URL of the original post (existing/published post) and take note of its part(s).

Whereas: /2014/02/20/the-old-post-title.html (this is the important part)

3. Edit the original post, go to your blog, posts, and then click edit.

Blogger Change Author in Post

From there, click HTML, then copy all the contents (press CTRL+A to select all the contents and CTRL+C to copy it all). You may paste it on a HTML Text Editor or notepad.

Blogger Change Author in Post

4. Make the original post to draft. Click the Revert to draft or much better to delete it to avoid any further conflict.

Blogger Change Author in Post
Blogger Change Author in Post
5. Log in to blogger using another Google account (new author) for the new post.

Note: The Google account (author) must be registered on the blog as contributor/author of the blog. How do you invite or make the person as an author of your blog? (click here)

Blogger Change Author in Post

6. Make a new post using the Google account of the new author. Click New post, then paste the contents mentioned earlier in Step 2. Put the title, labels and other details in the post. You may change the date as same as the old post.

Blogger Change Author in Post

Blogger Change Author in Post
7. Make the new post URL (custom permalink) for the new post. How to do it? (click here)

Blogger Change Author in Post
8. If you are contented to the new post, its time to Publish it (click Publish).

Blogger Change Author in Post

9. Do you remember why I ask you to copy the post URL of the old/original post mentioned earlier in Step 1?

/2014/02/20/the-old-post-title.html (OLD POST)
/2014/02/20/the-new-post-title.html (As for example, this is your NEW POST URL)

Note: You need an Admin Account in here. You’re going to need this for the redirection from the old post to the new post. (How to do it? click here)

Blogger Change Author in Post

10. Check if it’s working, especially if you type the old post URL, it should redirect to the new post URL.

That’s it. Hopefully this helps you out 🙂

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