GO Launcher EX an Android application that can visually change your Android Devices to totally new and unique. A homescreen launcher replacement with lots of themes to choose from.
by: Revengsky Joseph D. Reyes (a.k.a rjdreyes –

Attention: Internet Connection required. Download it via Google Play Store.

Are you bored and tired of looking, from the touch of the old and default launcher, of your Android phone? Do you want to look hot and stylish or just be unique the way you do on your Android devices? Have plenty themes to choose from and visually change your entire Android Experience? Do you want something to change with the current/ default UI of your Android phone? Do you want your own freedom and be totally you on your Android phone? Never fear because GO Launcher EX is here!

What is GO Launcher EX / Features? GO Launcher EX is the most popular Android home launcher replacement app in Google Play. It offers you many first-ever features to customize your own homescreen experience. GO launcher EX provides you speedy and smooth operation, fancy and plentiful themes, and utility functions with imagination.

Extremely smooth transition animation, Smooth flipping operation, More than 5000 personalized themes, Amazing custom gestures feature offers you more convenience and fun, Various GO widgets (weather, switcher, calendar…), Efficient and strong app management function, including sorting, hide app, search, cleaning memory and refresh. Draw patterns to active apps (double click on home screen to active custom gesture). Squeezing effect of icons and widgets (Jelly Bean style).

Review: It’s a free Android Application by far it’s a most popular Android Home Launcher, a total replacement of your Android Launcher default UI. Cannot complain of something, which is not right or working, except to give thanks to the author/developer. 🙂

As you notice, if you have 512MB of RAM of your Android Devices, there were few lags or sluggish responses in sometime. Don’t worry too much of it, that’s the only downside that I can see so far, but everything else were perfect. You can appreciate it more, if you got 1GB of RAM and up, which is entirely can change your Android Devices into something new and unique which fits your personality and style.

Definitely extreme makeover for your Android Devices. Try it now!

See the sample screenshots:

GO Launcher EXGO Launcher EXGO Launcher EX

GO Launcher EXGO Launcher EXGO Launcher EX

GO Launcher EXGO Launcher EXGO Launcher EXGO Launcher EXGO Launcher EXGO Launcher EXGO Launcher EXGO Launcher EXGO Launcher EXGO Launcher EXGO Launcher EXGO Launcher EX

For more info and to download GO Launcher EX visit the Google Play Store or simply click here.

Cheers! We hope this tip helps you out! 😀

(Note: Tested on Samsung Galaxy SII, Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo V, and Sony Xperia Sola, it may work also on other Sony Xperia and Android Smartphones, but still I’m not sure about it. Just see for yourself, if you own one.)

(Disclosure: Sony(Sony Xperia Sola, Neo V), Samsung(Galaxy S2) and Android OS, GO Launcher EX, Applications Logo/Images/Pictures has a respective copyright. I used it for demonstration purpose only.)

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