Introducing Yahoo! Wish List – a new way to get your dream Yahoo! username that you’ve always wanted

This morning as I check my Yahoo! email account, something caught my attention as I read the email message by Yahoo!

Yahoo! Wish List
*The image capture via Yahoo Account regarding the Yahoo! Wish List

So I make my own research regarding this matter, it shows that the Yahoo will giving away usernames or email addresses that hasn’t been used / logged by the Yahoo users who left their username/email address within years.

Yahoo! Wish List
*The Image capture via Yahoo! Wish List Official Site

If you have Yahoo! Account, you will see the message by Yahoo! and you will able to get at least top (5) five usernames by August 7, 2013.

Yahoo! Wish List
*The Image capture via Yahoo! Wish List Official Site

If your pick is available, you can claim it but if isn’t, they will email by mid-August letting you know which of your picks is available and then they will send a link to claim it.

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