How to control or restrict the access in WordPress User and Role Accounts? Solved by using Advance Access Manager Plugins

(Note : By doing this, I expected you have an internet connection and your own webhost or webserver on your localhost)

What is Advanced Access Manager? It is a powerful and flexible Access Control tool for your WordPress website. It supports Single WordPress installation and Multisite setup.

This is the basic list of features you can perform this AAM:
Filter Admin Menu
Filter Admin Panel
Filter Dashboard Widgets
Filter Metaboxes
Manage Comments
Manage Capabilities (Create, Delete)
Manage User Roles (Create, Edit, Delete)
Manage Access to your Posts, Pages or even Custom Post Types
Give possibility to promote Users
Manage Admin Menu Order
Manage other Administrators
Exclude Front-end Pages from Navigation
And many-many other features.


1. Login to your WordPress Administrator Account, to your Dashboard, go to Plugins then click Add New.
WordPress User Access Control Manager Plugin

2. Search for the plugins – Advanced Access Manager, it will show on first results click Install Now. It will ask for confirmation just click Yes.
WordPress User Access Control Manager Plugin
WordPress User Access Control Manager Plugin

Another way to install:
Download it via WordPress Official Site – Advanced Access Manager (click here)
After you download it, you may unzip it then upload advanced-access-manager folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory or upload the advanced-access-manager zip file and then unzip it on the said directory.

3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu (Installed Plugins) in WordPress
WordPress User Access Control Manager Plugin

4. Find Access Manager under AWM Group Menu then click it.
WordPress User Access Control Manager Plugin

5. From the Access Manager Interface you can now change the user’s access control in your WordPress.

WordPress User Access Control Manager Plugin

6. From the right side, you will see the General Tab. Where in, you can select specified User Role and Current User.
WordPress User Access Control Manager Plugin

7. Role Manager tab will give you the list of user role and add new role.
WordPress User Access Control Manager Plugin

8. From the Option List Tab, this is where you can restrict the current selected role and user.
WordPress User Access Control Manager Plugin

If you check/enable one of its option, this will give restriction or unable to be access.

Options like: Dashboard, All in One SEO, Posts, Media, Links, Pages, Comments, Contact, Stream Video, Apperance, Plugins, Users, Tools, Settings, Access Manager

That’s it. Hopefully this helps you out 🙂

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  1. again, thanks for this guide, i’m now a follower of your blog, im also looking for this info, and finally got this WP User and Role Access Control Manager Plugin. thanks a bunch!

  2. hi author, your information is very precise. i would like to know more about how it works and any video tutorial for this?

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