WinCatalog Removable Discs Media and Drive Catalog Software to categorizes and organize your folders and files for fast index and search

Why Removable Media and Disk Drive Catalog? Because it is important to categorizes and organize your folders and files inside the media (whether your computer is offline or online). This helps you to indexes discs, files and folders for searching files and data without having to reach for the original media.

WinCatalog Does the job for doing such indexing and find folders or files fast.

WinCatalog Light can only: Catalog all disks from on your computer like your hard drives, media collection or data backup: save filenames and tree structure. Scan inside ZIP archives; Automatically extract mp3 tags and HTML file descriptions. Retrieve Audio CD information from; Manage borrowed disks.

While WinCatalog 2012 does more! Combine with WinCatalog Light functions and features, Scan inside RAR and 7zip archives; Scan inside stored disk images (ISO files); Grab EXIF info from digital photographs; Keep thumbnail previews for digital photographs and pictures; Print contents; Search using search operators AND, NOT, etc. Use HUGE collection files.

Go to Official Site about WinCatalog Light and WinCatalog 2012. – What’s their difference click here.

The difference between previous catalog software I had (Cathy and Visual CD both are free please see my review), is the features and functionality. As Cathy is simple and minimum interface and functionality. Visual CD and WinCatalog does have similarity but WinCatalog overall win by offering extending features. Cathy win overall speed on cataloging and search results over indexed folders and files. While Both Visual CD and WinCatalog takes more time to catalog/index and to search the folders and files.

Example Screenshots:

WinCatalog Media and Disk Drive Cataloging SoftwareWinCatalog Media and Disk Drive Cataloging SoftwareWinCatalog Media and Disk Drive Cataloging SoftwareWinCatalog Media and Disk Drive Cataloging Software

Feel free to comment here if you found one interesting to share or your own experience. Cheers! 😀

(Note: WinCatalog (Light/2012) Logo/Images/Pictures has a respective copyright. I used it for demonstration purpose only.)

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