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From the past, marketing strategy have different methods, there are newspaper, magazines, radio, television, flyers, and other mediums that can affect the market. It depends on how the able to manipulate or influence audiences’ interest or how small or large they promulgate their business.

Today, since advancement of technology are in and out of the people’s mouth, method of marketing strategy focus on the usage of internet (internet marketing) thru World Wide Web (www). As the evolution of technology like Smart phones or tablet pc which users can carry throughout the day, can make a difference and this time, the social media influence are now in demand.
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Social media influence is a term for a marketing a business within an internet social sites, such as forums, bulletin boards or such a good example will be Facebook. It’s an individual’s ability to affect other people’s thinking or interest in the social online community. Thus this individual or business has more influence, the better it will appealing to other people’s interest, therefore to other companies are willing to promote an idea or sell a product.

There are plenty of social media influence sites (social networking sites), like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, LinkedIn, and so on… There level of influence depends on their marketing strategy or depends on their ranking and population of the readers, visitors or members.

In other way of promulgating the influence, is by using of blog sites. These blog sites have its own corresponding ideas or concepts, implemented and determined to target their audience, based on subject they discuss. By using social networking sites, it will benefit their blog sites based on how many people they attract and influence of. Social networking sites is good idea of sharing of ideas and links thru the members or friends’ lists. It will affect their websites or blog sites rank in the World Wide Web and this in turn, can help them to sell out more advertisement and be well known on the internet market.

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