WHAT is a DNS or Domain Name Server

What is a DNS? DNS or Domain Name Server is a hierarchical way of naming system for certain services, computers, or any devices that connected and used an internet connection or a private network.

Domain Name Server (also known as DNS Server or Name Servers) is like a map or database of massive names of IP addresses like for example, has an IP address which recognize over the internet communicating throughout the interconnected network. Whenever such request of certain user thru web browser that can able to reach and browse to my website.


USER –> WEB BROWSER (Request for –> INTERNET –> DNS SERVER (Caches/Maps the Identity of IP Addresses/Web URL) –> JCYBERINUX.COM (User request of Web URL/IP Address)
What is DNS Server
Another definition of DNS Server while there is an interchange within the user request and to the DNS Server trying to lookup such domain name(example: is DNS name resolution or resolver. The DNS server resolves the domain for the IP address when enter such domain name to the web browser (example: Firefox, Google Chrome).

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