WD 2go Mobile App and Dropbox for Personal Cloud Solution

WD 2go Mobile App Combines with Dropbox for Personal Cloud Solution

Irvine, California – WD 2go Mobile App is a new WD Personal Cloud Storage Solution with collaboration and file management features, Dropbox integration, as their personal cloud products, such as the My Book Live, My Book Live Duo and My Net N900 Central HD router with storage. The service provides shared storage for home network, clients/customers can backup/share their important documents, photos, videos and music in one place as well as automatically sync-backup all the computers in their home. For users/customers, WD 2go app is available to access and share their content from outside the home on their mobile devices and connect anytime and wherever they go.

With the new version of WD 2go lets users/customers move, copy and share content between their mobile device, their Dropbox and their WD personal cloud, combining the benefits of personal and public cloud storage into one, easy-to-use app.
WD 2go Mobile App and Dropbox for Personal Cloud Solution
An example is that, if a user has a small number of photos they want to share with their friends, they can copy them from their personal cloud into their Dropbox using the WD 2go app. But if they have a very large number of photos, or files that are too big for their Dropbox, they can use WD 2go to send a secure link to the files via email. WD 2go is available for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch or Android compatible mobile devices.

WD 2go Features:

Dropbox integration: Full access to your Dropbox and use of all WD 2go file management features with your Dropbox.

Upload: Upload files from your mobile device to your WD personal cloud storage.

Download: Download files to your smartphone or tablet for offline access.

Sharing: Share files from your personal cloud storage as email links or attachments.

File management: Copy, move, rename and delete files on your personal cloud storage and in your Dropbox.
WD 2go Mobile App and Dropbox for Personal Cloud Solution
Third-party apps: Send files to and receive files from third party apps installed on your mobile device using the “open with” function.

Auto-discover: Automatically discover and connect to WD personal cloud storage devices on the same Wi-Fi network as your smartphone or tablet.

Price and Availability:

WD 2go (free download) is currently available for download from the iTunes App Store, Google Play and Amazon Appstore for Android. My Book Live personal cloud storage drives and the My Net N900 Central router with storage are available at select U.S. retailers and online at the WD Store.

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