WAMP Error – [EparseError] No tray Icon was specified Error
by: Revengsky Joseph D. Reyes (a.k.a – rjdreyes –

I was working on certain project, then suddenly unexpected error appears:
[EparseError] No tray Icon was specified Error
Immediately I took diagnose what seems the problem, checking on the APACHE, PHP and MySQL configuration. I also tried to re-install the WAMP application but unfortunately, on an effort it didn’t work out.
Then I check on the WAMP directory (c:\wamp), checking every file then on the wampserver.ini, I found out that the wampserver.ini is completely empty. So I manage to search on forum threads about the error and wampserver.ini, gladly I found a solution to the issue.

All you need to do is to copy and paste this codes/scripts on your wampserver.ini


Name: wampapache
Name: wampmysqld

AllRunningHint=WAMPSERVER - server Online
SomeRunningHint=WAMPSERVER - server Online
NoneRunningHint=WAMPSERVER - server Online

Action: run; FileName: "C:/wamp/bin/php/php5.3.0/php-win.exe";Parameters: "refresh.php";WorkingDir: "C:/wamp/scripts"; Flags: waituntilterminated
Action: resetservices
Action: readconfig;
Action: service; Service: wampapache; ServiceAction: startresume; Flags: ignoreerrors
Action: service; Service: wampmysqld; ServiceAction: startresume; Flags: ignoreerrors

The after you do that, Save it then Run you WampServer.

I hope this simple solution helps you! 😀

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  1. This worked a little. no more error windows showing up but my WAMP Server is not doing anything

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