Wakajaka new interactive learning game for toddlers and kids (Available via iTunes AppStore)
What is Wakajaka? Wakajaka is an interactive game studio for toddlers, preschoolers and people in general who deserves a break from the grown-up world. Our mission is to create games that nurtures creativity and imagination, supported by simple and easy to pick-up game play, where the unexpected is a pleasant surprise, rather than scary monsters.

There are different types of games that Wakajaka can offer to parents for their kids:

Waka Fireworks
Would you like to experience fireworks with massive explosions and vibrant colors – without risking your fingers being blown-off?  Remember when you finally did convince your parents to buy that special piece of firework, that promised to light up the sky of an entire nation? Then you might also remember the anticlimax of a firework that barely overshadowed the matches used to light it.
What we can offer, is an alternative that packs the maximum amount of gun powder your iPhone can carry, but safe enough even in the hands of Uncle Berry’s toddler.
We have all the simple tools to compose every stage of your firework explosion, from patterns to colors. No need for safety glasses or keeping your fingers crossed – just ignite!

Waka Garage
Who said you need to be a big boy to play with big toys? In this garage, there is enough spare-parts for every wannabe mechanic or junior car pimp. Build, customize and spin. From grandpa’s trusty old tractor to the sports car your dad would trade your mom for.

Waka Sleep Aid
Trouble sleeping? This application can bring the most upset toddler to sleep before you know it. Featuring an array of tried and tested, soothing sounds that will comfort and make sure the land of dreams is never too far away for any child.

Waka Space
Conquering space has always been a dream and aspiration from preschoolers to presidents. For people who never had the astronomical budget to make it happen, Wakaspace offers a unique and economical way to realize your dream. Use anything from household appliances to stuff from the junkyard to create your rocket of choice.

Screenshots (Wakajaka Space):
Waka SpaceWaka Space

*Disclosure: An important note, we are just sharing this information to the public, provided by our source (provide by Farah Bollozos of Wakajaka) Logos / Images has respective copyrights.

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