By: Revengsky Joseph D. Reyes (aka rjdreyes –

(Note: You may wonder about the Date/Time of the Smartphone is incorrect.  I’m sorry about that, I’m too excited to explore the Smartphone. LOL :D)

ALCATEL ONE TOUCH GLORY OT-918N – Review by Jcyberinux
Anyway this is my personal review about ALCATEL ONE TOUCH GLORY 918N an affordable Dual-SIM Android Smartphone. To start with, let’s take snap look on the box. (I think all the Smart phones box are getting smaller in packaging).

Quick Start Guide – Manual and Warranty Card.
ALCATEL ONE TOUCH GLORY OT-918N – Review by Jcyberinux

microUSB Charger and microUSB Data Cable. In my opinion, I think ALCATEL should develop a microUSB charger adapter, so that you could used the microUSB Data Cable itself, but they separately made it. I guess there is a purpose on charging capabilities.
ALCATEL ONE TOUCH GLORY OT-918N – Review by Jcyberinux

And now let’s see the Smartphone. Pretty neat, Eleagant, Smooth. Who would say, it’s an Entry Level Android Smartphone. 😀
ALCATEL ONE TOUCH GLORY OT-918N – Review by Jcyberinux

When I held the Smartphone, the grip were fantastic, it was perfectly fit for any hand (I have medium size hand, so this perfectly match on my grip). I like the finish style of the phone, the black plastic part and with glossy glass, is the part of the touchscreen of the phone. The 3.2-inch capacitive touchscreen with a package buttons for menu, search and back. It has a also primary Home Screen button physically attached below the touchscreen menus. The small hole on the lower-right side part, I do believe it is for the Voice/Voice Recording. The screen has a 320×480 pixel resolution with 256k color display which entirely looks good and stands out on the first glance.

The package includes the 2GB microSD Memory card and also the 1300mAh Lithium battery(3.7V, 4.18 Wh).

ALCATEL ONE TOUCH GLORY OT-918N – Review by Jcyberinux
It has a earpiece/headset perfectly design for music enthusiasm and daily usage call conversations.

ALCATEL ONE TOUCH GLORY OT-918N – Review by Jcyberinux
At the back you can see the 3.0 Megapixel camera, good for taking ordinary pictures or amateur pictures. (Don’t expect too much of its quality)

For video quality, just like I said, the camera lens of the phone is an entry level and not high end level. So everything is basic and also considering the smartphone has no flash/flashlight. Taking a picture/video on day were no problem, except for night, that is a totally different story.








ALCATEL ONE TOUCH GLORY OT-918N – Review by Jcyberinux
Then at the side there is the volume control, and the power button, The power button has an option that can power off, sleep, wake, Airplane mode and Silent mode.

ALCATEL ONE TOUCH GLORY OT-918N – Review by Jcyberinux
You can also see an easy snap back cover remover on the edge of the phone. You can used for fingernails and remove it instantly without any hassle. 😀

ALCATEL ONE TOUCH GLORY OT-918N – Review by Jcyberinux
At the other side is the microUSB port of charging and data connection of the phone. (I hope the ALCATEL can develop a cover on the microUSB port to cover it from daily usage and from dust/dirt.)

ALCATEL ONE TOUCH GLORY OT-918N – Review by Jcyberinux
At the top part side of the phone is the 3.5mm stereo jack earpiece/headset port. If you have other earphones or headset you want to try, of course, this standard 3.5mm jack in can put any brand of earphones you want.

ALCATEL ONE TOUCH GLORY OT-918N – Review by Jcyberinux
Let’s open the back part of the smartphone, as you can see the 1300mAh Lithium battery, the Dual-SIM card slot and the microSD slot which is supports up to 32GB. (So you can put more music files, video files, etc..) From the manual, you can see how to put two (2) SIM cards on the Dual-SIM slot.

ALCATEL ONE TOUCH GLORY OT-918N – Review by Jcyberinux
The microSD slot can easily lift by your finger tips.

ALCATEL ONE TOUCH GLORY OT-918N – Review by Jcyberinux
You can also see the Loudspeaker, good for listening music and having call conversations with loudspeaker on. (At this picture you also see how to pull off the battery on the phone.)

Okay, enough for the physical part. Let’s take a roll on the ALCATEL One Touch Glory 918N Android Smartphone. 😀
ALCATEL ONE TOUCH GLORY OT-918N – Review by Jcyberinux
Turning the phone on, take about 30-35 seconds (more or less, I think depends on how the OS/applications loads up on the phone.) Then turning off, takes about 13 seconds.

ALCATEL ONE TOUCH GLORY OT-918N – Review by Jcyberinux
Detecting your phone SIM Card(s), takes about 4-5 seconds.
ALCATEL ONE TOUCH GLORY OT-918N – Review by Jcyberinux
Horray my New SIM detected. 😀

ALCATEL ONE TOUCH GLORY OT-918N – Review by Jcyberinux
ALCATEL ONE TOUCH GLORY OT-918N – Review by Jcyberinux
Drag the the arrow to unlock. On the Home Screen, when you touch the Menu, you can Add Widgets, Manage apps, Choose a Wallpaper(Live Wallpaper and a Standard), Search, see Notifications and Settings of the phone.

Don’t expect too much on the phone(like vibrant and clear responses like other high end Android Phone), but this phone I was amazed on how responsive the menus and apps are (although sometimes there were sluggish and lags, and depends on application usages.).

ALCATEL ONE TOUCH GLORY OT-918N – Review by Jcyberinux
The ALCATEL ONE TOUCH GLORY 918N, is a perfect phone for those who would like to experience an Android Smartphone which is more affordable. It has a CPU Speed 650 MHz ARM, Chipset MTK 6573, an Android OS v 2.3 Gingerbread (The CPU Speed matches the needs of users who are starting or who wants to experience Android Smartphones), Memory Usage of (150 MB storage, 512 MB ROM, 256 MB RAM) – the internal memory storage of the phone is an issue because this means you will have to used limited apps or widgets running on the phone. To experience maximum fine and minimal sluggish or lags; used apps or widgets that cost low memory/RAM consumption.     

ALCATEL ONE TOUCH GLORY OT-918N – Review by Jcyberinux
ALCATEL ONE TOUCH GLORY OT-918N – Review by Jcyberinux
The Music Player is pretty responsive and nothing to worry there are tons of music player applications. (Just remember the memory usage and of course low consumption of RAM).

ALCATEL ONE TOUCH GLORY OT-918N – Review by Jcyberinux
ALCATEL ONE TOUCH GLORY OT-918N – Review by Jcyberinux
Next is the Network Connectivity, It has Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth, 3G – HSDPA, 7.2 Mbps. Wifi connectivity thru Wifi-spots, the response were fast and a great deal for internet surfing and social media sites. Use the smartphone on ultrafast wifi spots or on your home wifi internet, to experience that highest possible speed for the smartphone. The internet connection varies on connection settings, and number of devices that are connected on the wifi router/internet on the area. Bluetooth response and speed transfer is great, good to know it was fast to transfer and share files. On using 3G, still depends on the connection settings and the network subscribe by the user. While using 3G, I notice the consumption of the battery were 5%-10% faster than ordinary usage of the phone.
ALCATEL ONE TOUCH GLORY OT-918N – Review by Jcyberinux
ALCATEL ONE TOUCH GLORY OT-918N – Review by Jcyberinux
ALCATEL ONE TOUCH GLORY OT-918N – Review by Jcyberinux
While using Internet Browser you can zoom in and zoom out the webpages by expanding both sideways of the fingertips(outward) or closing in(inward).

ALCATEL ONE TOUCH GLORY OT-918N – Review by Jcyberinux
ALCATEL ONE TOUCH GLORY OT-918N – Review by Jcyberinux
The touch screen perfectly fit on my fingers while using SMS messages. The feature on the phone with G-sensor to enhance the gaming experience. The TouchPal Curve Technology which helps more to spot the right word.
ALCATEL ONE TOUCH GLORY OT-918N – Review by Jcyberinux
ALCATEL ONE TOUCH GLORY OT-918N – Review by Jcyberinux

ALCATEL ONE TOUCH GLORY OT-918N – Review by Jcyberinux
ALCATEL ONE TOUCH GLORY OT-918N – Review by Jcyberinux
For gaming experience, there are games that you can/cannot play. For other games like most HD quality cannot be played, but there are other HD quality games that I tried like Field Runners. Which runs smoothly, but I have to wait longer on loading the game. Then I play Angry Birds, Ninja Jump, Paper Plane Pilot, Fruit Ninja and other games which I don’t see any problems on loading and while on game play they all run smoothly. (I will put down the list of games as I can, maybe on my next review). 😀
ALCATEL ONE TOUCH GLORY OT-918N – Review by Jcyberinux

On Video/Movie capabilities, I think it all depends on the Player 😀 For my experience, I play a movie using Movie/Video Player App called MoboPlayer which plays all the Video/Movie codec/format such as AVI, MPEG, MKV, etc.. I think most of the codec/format can be played here. Try it for yourself. 😀
ALCATEL ONE TOUCH GLORY OT-918N – Review by Jcyberinux
ALCATEL ONE TOUCH GLORY OT-918N – Review by Jcyberinux

Movie courtesy of Little Nicky, this film has a respective copyrights. I used the movie for demonstration purposes only. 😀

My first expectation on the movie playback there were sluggish or lags, but I was surprised. The Movie played smoothly and without lags and not even pixelated. (I will write my reviews on the MoboPlayer soon using this phone :D)

Battery Life, well expect the 2-4 days standby time, and on daily usage 1-2 days. But all depends on the usage of the phone, so keep that in mind. 😀 (Note: I notice if you using Dual-SIM your battery drains faster. I’ll make pretty review on this soon.)

Contacts and Call Dialer everything runs smoothly. 😀 If you need to install applications you can used Easy Installer. (I’ll discuss this soon) 😀
ALCATEL ONE TOUCH GLORY OT-918N – Review by Jcyberinux
ALCATEL ONE TOUCH GLORY OT-918N – Review by Jcyberinux
ALCATEL ONE TOUCH GLORY OT-918N – Review by Jcyberinux

Summary: The touch screen responsiveness is 99%, with TouchPal Curve Technology, G-sensor, Multitouch featured makes everything easier to use and user-friendly. There were times that the responsiveness and smoothness of the touchscreen is delay, due to applications used too much memory or RAM. So using good applications and right applications in a manner, will save you from any lags. Task Manager also did a good job for clearing some RAM, if you feel that your phone slowing down, this application may help you. It can also uninstall applications that currently you do not used anymore plus end or force down the applications usage.

Screen Display, don’t expect like any high end phone, because it is part of the cost budget wise for the phone. Responsiveness of keypads and apps are well done and nothing to be concern at. Internet connectivity and surfing experience nothing to concern. Video recording and Camera lack of quality due to its 3.0 megapixels and lens, don’t expect too much of it but it’s good for ordinary day with good source of light.

Audio and Video Playback, much better to used earphones or earpiece, much better experience. 😀

In general review, overall entry level rating 95% or for 8/10 rating, satisfaction is up and you got all the features you need for a basic Android Smartphone. A Dual-SIM with affordable price, what else you can ask for. 😀

Some Basic Questions:
Upgradable Android OS? So far, there’s no advice that you can upgrade the phone Android OS, I ask it from the store staff.
Can I expand the memory using Rooting? That’s out of topic, if Rooting is your way, you may refer manuals or guidelines on the internet maybe try on Google Search.
Where I can buy this phone? From respective store such on Malls. Ask from the Mobile phone stores.

(Note: Movie/Film courtesy of Little Nicky, GSM Network, Song Artist/Albums and Android Games have respective copyrights. I used it for demonstration purposes only.)

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385 thoughts on “UNBOXING ALCATEL ONE TOUCH GLORY 918N Review”
    1. used your finger nail to hook off the metal lock. (let say push the metal lock from direction going right to unlock it——>, then to lock position, reverse the direction <——- push it going left)

  1. i read your review about it, and finally bought yesterday. thank you on your guidelines po. 🙂

    1. there’s are a pre-installed office suite in the package. where in it can open files like word/excel/powerpoint/pdf, there are tons of office suite in the google play/android market. just view their corresponding compatibility. cheers! 😀

    1. for phone ringtones – choose on the music folder (go to music > search on your albums / music list > from there hold tap the music of your choice then choose use as phone ringtone) for messaging ringtones – you have to transfer the music / custom ringtones to the folder /media/audio/notifications. (if dont see this folders or doesn’t exist, you have to create it manually)

      1. i did pero pag open ko ng audio profiles and select a notification ringtone yung default notications pa rin ang nandun…

        nag aappear yung “the application Music (process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.”

        please help…

      2. Sir, is it possible na from the received files, lalagay ko po iyong certain music na un sa notification; I pressed copy– tapos pano po ba maitransfer un sa notification, kasi po hindi naman ma-i paste.. thanks! ur great!

    1. for your question, you can refer to nearest alcatel store or mobile store… i think they have an alternative for the battery or an original battery. thanks!

  2. good morning rjdreyes.i’m having a problem regarding choosing a music files to set as my phones ringtone.when i tap the music file that i desire as what you have taught me, it only appears cut, copy, rename, delete, share & details, no use as ringtone option.what should i do to personalized my ringtone?for my message alert tone your instruction is very useful, thanks a lot.I copy my music file to media, audio then notification, then that’s it!thanks a lot & wish to gather more info from you.

    1. jay-r, touch/tap your Application Tap, from there, Music Application should be there. then from your Albums/Song List, you can choose your phone ringtones. hold-touch/tap unto it then choose use as phone ringtone cheers! 🙂

    2. gud day ridreyes how can i personalized my message ringtone to my alcatel glory x 918n pls. send step by step tnxs.

    1. there is no secondary/front camera on this model. that’s the cons of this phone. cheers! 🙂

    1. APPLICATION TAB, is in the home screen, between the CALL tab and MESSAGE tab. (its look like 16 little squares on it)

      1. opo nakita ko po, pero wala pong music application, ang nandun yung file manager tapos sa lood may music then ang music nya when i tap it no use as ring tone option.

        1. do you go inside the album where you can able to see the list of songs you have??? from there hold tap one particular song.

          1. yun po ang ginawa ko,punta ako file manager, music tapos i’ve choosed a particular song & i tap it, but it only appears copy, cut, delete, rename, share & details option, wala yung use as phone ringtone.can i have more suggestion from you?

          2. dont go on the file manager, just on the applications, then MUSIC application tab not folder.

          3. it would be like this, at home screen tap application tab, when you there, go to music then tap it, then from your list of songs, hold-tap one song of your choice… i hope you get it. 🙂

  3. hi so far mganda naman pla yung review ng phone di ko pa kc nkukuha yung phone sa sun eh nag apply kc me ng postpaid and im choosing between this alcatel 918n or galaxy y any advise para bgo ko kuhain yung phone mka pili ako sa dalawa thanks

    1. it is depend on your needs, so far galaxy y has a smaller display while alcatel glory 918n has larger display… but all in all as i said depends on your needs. if you want a larger screen then go forth to the alcatel glory 918n, 🙂

  4. Wow..thanks for the review..but i’m considering it’s twin which has a bigger screen, the OT-985,,wish you could have a review of it..:-)

    1. to be able to add a picture on contacts, the contact address/numbers must be saved on the phone memory not on sim… 😀

        1. transfer your contacts at phone memory. 😀 select your preferred saving contacts at the settings of your contacts. go to Contact application. tap at on Menu and select Manage Contacts. from there you can managed to copy your contacts to phone memory.

          1. good day sir, meron picture na ang contacts ko pero sa inbox walang picture ang contacts nagtxt or call sakin..

  5. Hi, appreciate the review. Clear and organized. Question, how to store files, downloads, to memory card? I tried to bluetooth a music file going to my 918n but it saved in phone memory. Please advise. Thanks!

    1. In my personal experience, when i try to download or bluetooth a file on 918n, it doesn’t goes on the phone memory, but instead on the memory card. for an example, i bluetooth a music file, then it goes staight on the received file folder. when i download a file it goes on the download folder. better check your memory card. or yet try to download a File Manager that suits your needs. (There are tons of it in Google Play Store Website)

  6. goo day po sir, tanong ko lang po kung matibay po ba ung alcatel 918n? mga estimate ganu katagal po masira ung mga ganun na phone??

    1. @chris, i think all phones can be defective or deteriorated, but far as i know, it depends on the user’s usage and handle. 😀

    1. so far im visiting some websites which has flash player ads, so therefore it can view. 😀

      1. before i answer that, do you need to sync your music and videos so that you can bring your files with you when you’re on the go. try dropbox for android.

  7. Sir RJ, thanks very much for the well organized review and advices, been using the phone for more than a week now, problem nga lng po tlga lowness ng ram nya, would like to ask lng po about sa isang post nyo on rooting, ( u always take note of the risk of loss or damage, gaano po ba ka risky ang rooting nya?
    tapos when rooted na po, ano po ba advantages?
    xensya na po sa dami question.
    thanks again and more power po…..

    1. because it could void the warranty, and secondly, depends on the situation for example : brownout in the middle of rooting 😀 so may tendency masira. 😀 but i do believe there is a way on recovering it. 😀 then about advantages i already mention it at faq and also i noted the advantages. 😀

      1. sa totoo lang meron pong way para maayos ang interrupted rooting… gamitin nyo lang po ang OTU(One Touch Updater) it help you to unroot your phone and back all your deleted apps and drivers ng phone but hindi include ung mga nsa SD nyo…

        and i have a question kasi kapag may ng smart alert sakin kahit binura ko na ung request ung unahan ng number nya may 8001 hindi nawawala pano po ayusin un pa help lang po un lang tlga prob. ko sa phone na toh… thanks

  8. Hi, nice review! But how can I disable the shutter sound of the camera of this one? Thank youuu 🙂

    1. Actually there is an app for that, it has a camera functionality but more better than the default camera. errr… i forgot the name. anyways, the other way is to root it and put a script 😀

  9. I’ve had this phone ever since it was released last year and I’m still loving it. Napaka-useful niya. Worth every centavo.

  10. hi sir…

    thanks for the useful review

    im really desperate to root my phone..

    i already followed all the steps i can from all websites but walang swerte..

    can u do it for me?

    willing to take the risk..

    thanks again..

  11. hi gud day!pano po ireduce ang battery lifespam ng cp.madali kasi syang malowbat. IN a day kailangan q mgcharge ng 3 times.tamnx

    1. maybe there are other running programs that should be turn off. for example : using music player, sometimes you need to managed it by ending its process on the manage apps. turn-off also background data if not in used. go to settings > accounts and sync settings > background data.

    1. there is an app for that. but i think there is a process on turning it off by rooting. 😀 An app that can turn off your camera shutter is Uva Silent Widget Camera Free you can download it at google play store for free. 😀 cheers! but i just so some reviews hmm… anyways, try it maybe from there, you can find whats best. 😀

  12. hi po, m really thankful for this review. very helpful! im thinking of getting this phone or galaxy y for postpaid. which fone has faster internet access?

    1. first of all, it depends on internet connection you have… i dont see any difference between internet connectivity between the two phones. but if you going to surf on the browser, ill go with alcatel ot-918n which is bigger screen. 😀

  13. good day! i tried to get the uva silent widget @ play stre but
    it says that it doesnt support my phone.. is there any app to use? hope to get reply from you soon..

    1. got the same response the first time i tried to dl mobo. did some searching, turns out low on ram na sya, so made some adjustments, then download ko uli mobo. then mobo instructed me to dl a codec. VOILA! watching crystal clear movies! yebha! hihihi.

    1. at messaging their is the settings, to the keypad if its potrait -> used non-qwerty keypad or 9keys. cheers! 😀

  14. I tried searching Uva Silent widget camera free pero “No results found” daw any other app that can turn off the camera shutter sound po?

  15. Hi.. i already have this phone and i have problem with the camera shutter i wanted to turn it of but its giving me a hard time to know shut it off.. would you mind to help me?? thanks

  16. hello po. ^^
    is it okay po na gumamit ng Link2SD na app para mas madami yung madownload na apps? and nakakapagbasa po ba ito ng files from notepad? thanks in advance ^^

      1. so that means kailangan ko po munang -root itong glory 918n para magamit yung Link2SD na app? sorry po kung makulit. i’m not a techy person po kasi ^^ thanks po

  17. and another question po, ano po mas ok gamitin, ito pong OT 918 or Samsung galaxy pocket? thanks po

    1. they have both cons and pros. but to answer that, the question is, what you really want? ot-918n has better bigger resolution compared to galaxy pocket… but i think galaxy pocket has more internet memory compared to ot-918n. so it depends on your needs. 😀

      1. its me again sir ^^
        I’m planning to buy a new phone and I’m torn between LG L3, LG optimus net and Sony Xperia mini. Which one is better when it comes to playing games, social networking sites and playing youtube videos? Please help me. thanks sir ^^

  18. Hellio po ask ki lng po paani po ba magsave ng file s micro sd pinalitan ko na po kc ng 8gb. Help naman po tnx

    1. used the microsd usb cable on the package of your phone, the connect it your computer/netbook, on your android phone, Turn on usb storage mode. 😀

      1. Pede po ba na malipat yung app sa from phone to microSD card? hindi po ba automatic na nasesave sa microsd yung mga downloaded files, ang bilis kasi mapuno, kaya konti lang yung apps na nasesave ko kahit bumili na ko ng 8gig na sdcard.

  19. Sir, good day!, i tried as dictated below…;
    ….for phone ringtones – choose on the music folder (go to music > search on your albums / music list > from there hold tap the music of your choice then choose use as phone ringtone) for messaging ringtones – you have to transfer the music / custom ringtones to the folder /media/audio/notifications. (if dont see this folders or doesn’t exist, you have to create it manually)

    …. but as i press the mp3 it will jus open the following.. (copy, cut, delete, rename, share & details) no “choose as ring tone” .. as i go to messaging to setting, select ring tone, only the ff (default, silent , etc.. ) but you can not see the one downloaded from mp3, hope you can assist me, tnx vic

    1. phone ringtones – go to music app – hold tap from chosen music – choose use as phone ringtone. (note: dont go to file manager) 😀

  20. how can i change my message alert tone? i dont have problems with the ringing tone only the message alert tone. i really couldnt find where to change it. tnx

      1. sadya po bang hindi umiilaw ang screen pag nakakatangap ng message? sa ibang phone kasi umiilawkaya alam mo na may message..napansin ko lang dito tumutunog lang pero hindi nabubuhay ang tawag okay naman..

        1. nope when you got a message it should be light – check your notification settings and/or message settings.

          1. nacheck ko na po..naset ko na din po sa notification settings..pag may text at naka-idle hindi talaga umiilaw ung screen..sabi din ng alcatel facebook..di daw umiilaw..ung sa inyo po ba? alcatel 918n glory x din po ba?

          2. but i think i install an app for that (im not sure) i’ll get back to you, if i already see the app… cheers! 😀

          1. ung go sms po gumagana kaso nga lang po paano ang gawin para isa lang ang mkareceive..kasi kelangan ko basahin parehas..pag wala go sms..hindi talaga umiilaw ang scree kahit nakaset na ang notification settings..

          2. @arwin – maybe thats the solution for it, the go sms pro. i couldn’t find more relative than that. cheers!

  21. rjdreyes good day po!nawala po yung market na icon po from my menu list, nasan na po yun?unit ko po is glory 918n, gusto ko po sana mag download ng free games & mp3 pero hindi ko na po makit yung market na icon, pls po pa help!
    salamat po, wait ko po reply nyo!

    1. specs were alright but i still go forth to alcatel because of the lcd display more larger than huawei… 😀

  22. Gd pm Sir, ask ko lng kung pano ko ma-uninstall ung ibang mga apps na naka pre- install na nung binili ko itong cp, dun kasi sa manage application option, walang uninstall na option,ska hindi nakahighlight ung Move to SD Card na button. thanks!!!

    1. that requires a root method from what i heard on other forums sites. and from doing that, that’s another story to tell. 😀

  23. gud pm, sir! 4 days pa lang sakin ang alcatel glory 918, pero 4 times na nag shut down and reboot habang nag cho -choose ako ng ringtone doon sa installed ringtones. may problem ba yung unit, dapat maibalik habang under warranty pa? thanks and more power!

  24. Hi,

    I can’t play my music the message “the application Music has stopped unexpectedly please try again.”please help. Thanks

    1. to your concern try to reboot or restart your unit, maybe there are other applications conflict within playing of your Mp3.

  25. sir panu ba mag edit ng picture sa glory x 918 n?
    hnd q kase makuha kung panu eh..
    help plz//

    1. @fernando, actually i havent tried to edit any pictures on alcatel phone or on other android phones. i actually using GIMP on ubuntu for editing my pictures. 😀

  26. paki text nga step by step ang pag set ng mp3 music as sms alert tone, alcatel glory x 918N gamit ko

  27. How can I change my simcard from the first one to the other? Is there any options from the phone where I could just change it to let say from Sun simcard to smart simcard without turning the device off?

  28. I’m trying to install Uva Silent Widget Camera on my Alcatel one touch 918N but it says “This app is incompatible with your Digitel TCT ALCATEL ONE TOUCH 918N”. Why?

    1. hello there, i don’t know why you have problems on installation… can you give me more details on the error, there maybe conflict on other apps.

      1. ask ko lang if nakakapag install ka ng go launcher or any other launchers?… sakin kasi ayaw mag install ng mga launchers eh (glory 918)

      1. Hi! is there any way pra mwla shutter tone ng camera.. it was kinda annoying kc…. ung hnd na kailngn i download… ung husband kc ng ka offcemate q wla ung shutter tone ng camera nya nakalimutan nya lng panu nya gnwa… plss help me…

        1. to turn off the shutter sound you need root explorer and go to
          /system/media/audio/ui and rename camera_click.ogg to camera_click just
          remove the .ogg, do same to the video shutter. – as previous advise of our readers.

  29. hi po,bago lng po itong alcatel glory 918n,sa sobrang excited ko ginamit ko ung lock/unlock pattern,pero nakalimutan ko ung bagong unlock,madaming beses ako nag attempt,till nag appear sa fone,need email/user name,and password?khit my wifi dnmn ako makapg log in kc need ko i turn on wifi kaso nkalock nga po…pls help!thanx

  30. sir.. got a problem with the calling process..
    i have sim1 : Sun and Sim2: PLDT

    now i want to call a friend for example from the phonebook.
    I couldn’t find to select to call using sim1 or sim2 kasi.
    pag magcall galing phonebook it will automatically use the default sim.
    There is no options to use sim1 or sim2.. unlike nag mag key in there an arrow down to select either sim1 or sim2

  31. hi po..:) thanx a lot s link on how to unlock screen pattern,more power po!now im reading your prev comments on how to turn off the shutter sound of my alcatel..tlga nmang nkkahiya.:(,still dpa rn nkasilent shutter sound..
    thanx again!!

  32. ayaw mag play ng music, na stop ko po kc yung running ng music sa application, pano po i restore?

      1. ayaw pa rin sir, lumalabas kc “the application music ( has stopped unexpectedly. please try again”.. any help po. thanks

          1. no sir, dun kc sa manage application then dun sa running, na stop ko po yung application nung music.

          2. kindly turn off and turn on your phone. in between, did you install applications before you stop the music player on manage applications? if still problem persist, try to delete the song/mp3 file you played before you stop it at running application then turn off and turn on your phone. otherwise, ill forward your concern to our admin. 🙂

  33. bkit ayaw gumana ng facebook/twitter apps? i already update the apps. may conflict ba sa network provider?sun cell provider me..thanks

    1. i think you trying to used sun data connection as for your internet connectivity/social apps, try to ask them, they probably know what are the settings for that.

      1. sir, i just try to delete all the music then i turn it off and on, kso ito pa rin po yung lumalabas. “the application music ( has stopped unexpectedly. please try again”.

        1. what is alcatel mobile model? is it OT-918N or 918N GLORY X? did you try to reset your phone on default? or do an update?

          1. my phone model is alcatel glory918n, baka po my problem sa application, kc na clear ko po yata yung data ng music vesion 1.0. how to restore po? thanks

  34. Hi sir panu off yung shutter na camer?? at panu change yung message thread na yung blue message which is reply ng sender ay mapunta sa baba…

  35. Hi.. bakit mukha pong china phone itong ot 918, mas maganda ba ang display ng samsung galaxy y kesa dito? At pwede po bang magsave ng apps sa sd card so para di ko na kelangan pang iroot tong ot 918? im confused between having galaxy y or this .. thanks in advance

    1. it isnt china phone… kindly refrain comparing it to china phone. 🙂 for me, the display on ot-918 were more bigger than to galaxy y… of course you can save it, but then again, i think even you root/not root the phone, there are other data still save on its internal memory… it is for apps usage.

  36. thanks alodia!…for immediate reply, i forgot to mention that im using sun cell plan. with 20hrs data connection. but still no avail. the error was “sorry login failed to reach facebook servers.([]).

    thanks again.

      1. its working na…thanks!

        new question po..pano i-default un external memory.. para dun sya automatic n ssave…

        many thanks.

  37. Sir, paano po i-change yung message thread na yong message mo at reply ng katxt mo ay alternately displayed?thanks po!

  38. ok naman po sya so far kaya lang di talaga ako nagagandahan sa camera nya considering na 3.2 MP sya anyways yun lang naman po so far ang di ko gusto but evrything is wonderful lalo na pag nagpaplay ng HD games.

  39. thanks for this very nice review, it really help a lot ! 🙂 makes me want this phone more and more :)) hope i finally get my phone from sun plan >.<

  40. It’s hard to login to facebook even if my username and password are correct but it says “An error occurred during sign in. Please try again later.”. please advice. thanks

  41. HI po. my 918n cannot connect to pc suite. balak ko sana mag upgrade ng sd to 16gb and need to backup all datas. can you help me. thanks

  42. can i delete files from internal memory.laging may notification na low memory na daw yun internal memory ko.thank you

  43. ask ko lang po if there is a way to manage the downloads/installs para hindi po siya magsave sa internal memory, because I’m afraid the software might shut down, instead, sa microsd card na lang mag-save??? please help

  44. thanks so much for this review! helped me a lot, really esp in personalizing my tones… though im having problems when it comes to the apps… just wanna know if its possible that once u downloaded an app it would be stored directly to the sd card memory?

  45. hi! ask ko lang po kung ano ung mah ng orig charger ng alcatel ot-918n? sec5.0v=350ma? 400ma? or 550ma? thanks!

  46. gud pm, how to fix the problem ” the application Music (process has stopped unexpectedly. please try again. ??

      1. ..had the same prob po.. nilipat q kc ung mga songs q from received files to music folder.. then, ganun na po ung message.. please help..

          1. “the application Music (process has stopped unexpectedly. please try again.”

  47. Hi RJ! I’ve been using AG 918n 2 days now.. I would to ask about charging procedure. How would I know if my phone has been fully charged? Any indication that I might take a look at? Please Help 🙂

    1. there is a message on the phone that your phone is in full charge, you can see also on the battery icon, it will change to normal battery icon. 😀 when in charging, you will see the battery icon with a AC current icon.

  48. sir paano po maiiwasan na mag-register or mag-appear yung mga recent calls or frequently called sa favorites? thank you

  49. just wanna ask, hey bro, I’m having trouble on my glory x 918n phone, can’t figure out on how to set it on vibration mode when I turn it to silent mode..nothing will happened..can you help me out? thanks

  50. Sir RJ hindi po yung sa call log nadedelete ko naman po yung sa call log ang concern ko po dun po sa favorites star po yung icon nya pag hinold ko po yung name sa favorites ang choices lang po yung delete contact may other way po ba para hindi mag-register sa favorites (star icon) everytime na tatawag ako? kahilera po sya ng phone, call log, contacts then yung favorites. thanks. 🙂

  51. i finally got this phone from sun plan 350. I really love using it especially the web browsing and downloading applications thru my phone. I also enjoy playing the applications that I’ve downloaded. GREAT EXPERIENCE. DEFINITELY WORTH BUYING 🙂

    1. Hello. Buy ako last week, a bit disgusted about the memory.. Is there anyway or tweaks from android market to save as many application as possible sa Micro SD? It moves slow.

      1. yup thats the downside in an entry level phone, about the memory, you need to choose an app that you need, even thou you used an app to transfer applications on the microSD, it still leaves a portion of it, i guess its for the system usage.

  52. I insert other sim card but unfortunately di sya makita lock sya, pero pag local sim ok naman… only in sim slot1..please advice

      1. Hi, ask ko lang kung panu aayusin un thread ng message? minsan kasi wla sa pattern yung mesage ko palaging nahuhuli? please help.


  53. Hi.. I bluetoothed my mp3’s to my 918n.. but still I can’t play them via the MUSIC app.. From folder [received file], I transferred it to [sdcard\media\MUSIC]

    1. check for conflict apps that maybe interfere on playing music. did you installed any apps before? if not try to restore it to default settings of your phone.

      1. When I initiate the music app.. no songs are listed.

        Still the default apps.. even before I installed one app that is app2SD.. Maybe I should install a music app and download music with that app and put all my mp3’s to where I can find the downloaded song. I am new to android but I had tried a samsung tablet before.

  54. Hi.. i’m torn between myphone a818 & this phone(alcatel glory x 918n) which do you think is the best buy.. thanks

  55. hi, just wanted to know, for the phone to be used for 3G access. can’t have it done kasi sa phone ko. been trying to set up the 3G with sun with no luck at all. if you happen to know how to set up the 3G connection for sun on this device, I will really appreciate the “how-to’s”. TIA

  56. pano ung pag ttext dito? qwerty lang ba talaga, hnd pwedeng hnd sya qwert… at pwede rin bang manood ng ytube dito?

    1. you can change the text keypad mode. when you are on the message, tap the settings, then from there, used the non-qwerty mode. you can watch social media videos, it depends on the video quality, watch non-HD.

  57. hi! thanks for the guidelines you provided., but i would like to ask regarding the messaging memory., where are the messages being stored? phone memory? or in the memory card??? thanks.,

  58. Hi! good day.. just to ask, di ko kasi maiturn into vibrate yung message alert ko eh.. even in silent mode. pag calls and other stuffs ok sya nagvivibrate sya, pag message ayaw. tried to do the t/s steps on the previous thread yung message-options-settings-vibrate kaso di ko makita yung word na “vibrate” dun. it’ll be helpful if you answer my question. thank you soooo much!

  59. i open my bluetooth and tick the coverable with no time out why other phones cannot locate my bluetooth? and the wifi connect then suddenly disconnects.. just got it yesterday >_<

    1. depends on the usage of the phone, apps usage , play songs or videos, internet surfing and other social sites, these can make your phone battery discharge rapidly.

  60. even though im not using mp3,internet too much my alcatel 918N ay madaling malowbat. i tried to installed battery saver but it doesnt work. so plsssss help me!!!!

  61. While waiting for the activation of Sun “sim card”with in 24 screen was locked and the arrow shown to drag down and unlock is not working. Sun Cellular SM Davao Branch Did not explain the features of locking and unlocking of this cellphone. This features is not well explained in the instruction Manual. Instructions found in the internet as well is not working. I guess, maybe I am lucky, I received a cellphone that has factory defect- the touch screen is not working.

  62. anu po gagawin ko sir? hindi po ako makapg play sa music .. ang lumalabas po. “the application Music( stopped unexpectedly. please try again.” panu ko po toh aayusin. 🙁

    hope you can help me with this. thanks ng madami. 🙂

  63. Hi, can you advice kung panu ko mattransfer lahat sa sd card ko ung mga files? kasi palaging memory full eh meron bumili na nga ako ng sd card na 4gig para marami akong ma-install kaso kpag ngddownload ako memory not enough na daw..

  64. Hi, question. why does my phone always on hang everytime i play coin dozer. nakakaloka na kasi biglang nagoout ung coin dozer everytime i open it. tpos nglolog tlga ung mga laro sa phone ko. does it concern on the memory? do i have to buy mga tipong 4 to 8 gig na memory?? ill wait for your reply ah.. thanks in advance! 🙂

  65. hi! ok lng ba n iistop ung mga running processes? when I click stop ang cnsbe it might affect the application? i’m thinking n it’s one of the reason why mabagal ang fon.. and also, pede bng iuninstall ung mga pre-apps s fon? bka kse nde mgwork n ung fon kpag inunistall ko cla.. thanks in advance

  66. how can i turn off shutter sound? wala ako mahanap na configuration e.. wala ba talaga? oh dko lang nakita? thanks..

    1. by default, there is no option to turn off shutter sound. the main reason is that UK smartphones (which i have read on news blogs and articles, if i recall it) forbid to take photos without any camera sounds or shutter sounds. you can do it by root or read our previous post about turn off shutter sound.

  67. hi po!
    Im new to this phone and yesterday as i was exploring the phone i was able to change the key pad layout into qwerty android, but i forgot how i did that, could you teach me how 🙂 thx po

  68. Hi…I’m having a hard time sending files via bluetooth… is it because this phone is not compatible with Nokia N77 and samsung corby 2 or my phone has a problem?

  69. Sir yung Uva Silent Widget Camera Free
    Sabi ” This app is incompatible with your Globe TCT ALCATEL ONE TOUCH 918N.”

  70. Hello poh..ask lang po ako about sa trouble ng phone ko..ganito poh yun.
    Dun sa HOME, naka-pop up sa messaging icon na may 1 unread message ako,pero kung e-open ko ung Messaging ko..wala namang bagong message.huhu. I tried to delete lahat ng messages ko.pero ganun parin..meron parin pop-up na 1 message na unread..Please help kung paano ma-solve ito,,huhuhu

  71. Hi, please help naman kasi bumili na ako ng 4gig na memory card pero everytime na mgddownload ako not enough memory. pero sinave ko na naman sa memory card un mga nadownload ko.. ang error message is my phone is full..

    Please help naman.. and also, panu ba ma-isisilent ang camera nito?? haha.. Thanks!!! appreciate if you can help me with this!! Thanks!!!!!!!

    1. unfortunately, there is no default screenshot app for the phone, you need to download an screenshot app in google play store, find a compatible one, i think it is required for rooted phone.

  72. Sir, i just changed sim, using the new one, bakit po ung mode ng messaging thread na dati ay received and sent message n salitan ay naging pure na message sent o message received nalang, hindi na po conversational type.. help po, tinignan ko po sa setting, wala naman po.

  73. I got this phone through Sun plan 350 last aug. 9, 2012 but palaging walang signal ang phone ko while ang ang mga katabi kong mga sun user din ay mayroon. Ano ba ang problema ng phone na ito? Paano ba magrequest ng signal?

  74. its in the Settings – SD Card – then from there, set it as SD card as default saving point.— sorry ha, can you elaborate more?? kasi when I go to settings–>SD Card wala ng option eh.. please help.. Thanks`!

    1. hi there! if your phone is not rooted. then you probably need to transfer the files one by one on downloaded apps section to your sd card (external storage). do you have file manager apps installed on your phone? there are other units(phone) can save the files automatically on sd card. i think there is an app for that, but ill going to confirm it.

      1. ako din problema ko to. Sir, ano po bang magandang file manager yung pedeng maidownload para para ma-save sya automatically sa sdcard?

    2. same problem here.. ang liit kasi ng internal memory its just 150MB.. sa update palang ng apps gamit na gamit na.. wheew..

  75. Hi! Hindi ko po magamit ang camera ng alcatel 918, may error -cannot connect to camera or kung magpupursue naman black screen lang at mag-a-appear ang message… Nag turn off-on na ko at tinanggal din ang batteryr. Bakit nagkaganon at ano dapat gawin?

  76. . problem with message threads— Dati po kapag nag rereply ako continuous lang. Ngayon po pag binasa mo yung thread malilito ka kasi hindi na nga po sunod sunod. Eg. May nagteks sayo tapos nagreply ka nasa taas yung reply mo.. tas magrereply ulit tapos po pag nagreply ako nasa baba naman nun yung message ko… Kakalito po haha

  77. hi, just want to ask, bakit po hindi ma delete yung downloaded videos from youtube.. been tying to delete some downloaded files but no avail.

  78. Please help me how to manually turn off the internet connection of my postpaid plan from sun mobile phone (one touch 918 glory X). The sun representative turned it off or deactivate the setting but I cannot remember what she did already. How turned it off permanently so that I will only use the internet via wifi connection. I have a kid and he might accidentally connect to the internet without my knowledge. Please share me how to do it.

    Many thanks

  79. ano po dapat kung gawin nag exceed yung unlock pattern ko 40 times kasi pinag laruan ng anak ko. ngaun hindi ko na siya ma open kailangan daw dalahin sa service center.

  80. Hello sir , ask q lng po .. Nagrecord po kc aq ng voice sa sound rec0rder then nung pnakinggan ko na po boses chipmunk sya .. Wala naman po akong pinipindot khit na ano .. Pls. Help tnx

  81. Attractive component of content. I simply stumbled upon your weblog and in accession capital to say that I get actually loved account your blog posts. Anyway I will be subscribing on your feeds and even I success you get admission to persistently fast.

  82. May tanong lang po ako pag nag avail po ba ako sa sun plan 350 tapos glory x po siya sun na sim lang po ba pwede ko gamitin ?? Eventhough na dual sim naman po siya l.?

  83. hi sir i have a big problem regarding my phone alcatel glory x918n… ung simcard slot nya po is both nkalocked for only 1 network…pls help nmn po pra ma-unlocked q xa…pls help po

  84. Thanks for the good writeup. It in reality used to be a enjoyment account it. Look complicated to more added agreeable from you! By the way, how could we keep in touch?

  85. good day! ask ko lang po kung pano mag set ng wallpaper kasi po putol po e.. may mga arrow po kasi to adjust. .pero di po kaya ee.. thanks!

  86. Hi po !! Having some curiosity lang po kung may print screen din po ba to ??!! :))) kasi po wanna takes some photos po sana for reference po ehh :)) hope for reply :)) …..l…

      1. may cocopy po akong file from one folder to another.. eh di nacopy ko na po.. pero hindi ko po alam paano naman ipaste..

          1. hal. po using aclatel glory may icocopy akong file sa mem card ko from one folder to another.. nacopy ko na po xa pero hindi ko alam kong paano ipaste o ilipat sa ibang folder ng mem cardko.. thanks for your reply.

  87. my alcatel glory was blocked due to many attempts of my son on the pattern lock, they said the phone will have to be reformat to unblocked it, is this true? can i do it myself how to unlock or unblocked it. many tnx to ur help more power

    1. use factory reset by clicking VOL up+power at the same time… that’s the only way… you can read the user manual on troubleshooting to that problem…

  88. I have an exact phone and I have a blue LED notification light that lights up when my phone is charging and I would like it to blink when i receive an instant message. I know it is possible because someone with the same exact phone as mines lights up.

  89. good day!ask ko lang po kung panu iopen ung internet.nkconnect npo ako sa wifi pero ayaw internet connection ang nlabas.may signal nman po ung wifi..pls help po tenx..alcatel glory x 918n po gamit ko.

  90. hi there,

    i had my cellphone recharge the whole evening until i woke up, im using alcatel glory x918n it keeps on rebooting after turning it on. could it be the possible cause of continuous phone restart? what are other causes of that problem? i have changed the battery but its still the same. can i still use my phone? how can i resolve the prob? thanks… more power.

  91. sir having problems on my contacts.inimport q ung contacts frm sim to phone kso pgtingin q dun phone mem,wala po nkadisplay..i tried to backup ung contacts tp0s 700+ ung lumabas e 120+ lng nman c0ntacts q.rooted npo.pls help.tnx 3times npo ata aq ngimport..

  92. Hi, Im having trouble with the bluetooth. Di ako makareceive, laging sending 0% celphone n nagssend ng file. Di natututuloy. Pano po ba?


      1. Where can accept the bluetooth from the other phone. There was just a message of incoming file request but where can i accept it?


  93. Hi po, Ask lang po panu maactivate ang isang sim, kasi isang sim lang po ang gumagana, sim 1 lang po, pag nilagyan ko ng sim ang isang sim port wla pong nadedetect na simcard. t.y

    1. by default it should detect two working sim simultaneously. you can see it on lock screen or on drop down notification bar. if not, perhaps try to go on the nearest sim card center (SUN, GLOBE or SMART) then ask then to update your sim. that’s all.

  94. hi!ask ko lng po kung pano mag unlock ng samsung gt-s3353,nakalimutan n kc ung phone lock code.pls help!.thanx! and more power!

    1. what you unlock? unlock the phone from security code? hard reset? unlock for all network can be used on the phone?

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