Unbox ViewSonic TD2340 23-inch 10-point multi-touch IPS Monitor Review

In the chain of touchscreen technology, there several of items for you to choose from (whether for home, small business or corporate business), and there is an equivalent technology for your needs. Such a case if you’re using Windows 8 operating system, in order for you to maximize its potential in terms of touchscreen basis, you need a good touchscreen monitor with Windows 8 certified. Take note that the Window 8 OS minimum requirement for touch-points is five, and with simultaneous two-way communications and much better if it’s capacitive touchscreen type.

ViewSonic TD2340

To answer that needs, ViewSonic release TD2340 that offers Windows 8 certified 23″ 10-point multi-touch monitor with 1920×1080 Full HD resolution, and projected capacitive touch technology. The monitor is an IPS technology with 20,000,000:1 MEGA Dynamic Contrast Ratio, Integrated speakers (SRS premium sound), DisplayPort, HDMI, VGA, USB ports, and VESA mountable.


ViewSonic TD2340

ViewSonic TD2340 Box

ViewSonic TD2340ViewSonic TD2340

HDMI Cable, USB Cable, Power Cable, Audio Cable, VGA Cable, CD/Manual/Information

ViewSonic TD2340

ViewSonic TD2340 with Stand

ViewSonic TD2340

ViewSonic TD2340ViewSonic TD2340

Showing the Full HD LED IPS Panel, 23-inch with 10-point touch monitor has a remarkable 1920 x 1080 resolution, responsive and accurate input. Works great in gestures/maneuvering around the desktop of Windows 7 and Windows 8 OS’s. There are 5 touch sensitive buttons (1 – exit / 2 – select | up and down buttons – for navigation and volume | power button).

ViewSonic TD2340

The front display has the edge-to-edge scratch resistant glass across screen and black bezels. The glass coating felt like a big tablet in your hands, but it’s a sturdy one and the glossy finish makes this monitor stunning. Tapping on the screen may have visible fingerprints and because the screen is glossy, there were times that the screen is quite reflective but I didn’t mind it at all.

ViewSonic TD2340ViewSonic TD2340

The sturdy stand is detachable, if you need to wall mounted it. The big foot bars of the stand requires a lot of space on your desk, thus it provides balance and mobility to the monitor. The monitor stand can be fold or bend in 90 degrees flat down parallel to the desk surface and can be tilt up to 50 degrees.

ViewSonic TD2340ViewSonic TD2340

The TD2340 with stand can be pivot or twist into Portrait and Landscape mode. It’s a total convenient and flexible stand with lots of usages, which can be varied into writing, graphics, or even games.

ViewSonic TD2340

ViewSonic TD2340 22-inch touch-screen Monitor (Back)

ViewSonic TD2340

The ViewSonic TD2340 can be VESA mountable – mounting holes can be used to hang the monitor on a wall or with another appliance. It also has Kensington Lock Slot featured in TD2340, very useful in security purposes.

ViewSonic TD2340

2x (USB Type A Port), 1x (USB Type B Port), AC-In Power and Audio-In

ViewSonic TD2340

The USB Type A ports is a USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 compatible (located at the right side of the monitor). To make the touch-screen and USB Type A ports functional, you have to connect the USB Type port to your PC/Laptop. Both USB Type A ports have good and reliable speed upstream and downstream transfer. There is an audio input in order to use the built-in speakers. Integrated speakers are loud enough for a room with minimal bass output.

ViewSonic TD2340

DisplayPort, HDMI Port, VGA Port and Headphone Jack-In

Within the varied video ports (DisplayPort, HDMI Port and VGA Port), works great and enough for your visual needs. Headphone jack-in works like a charm, even though I didn’t require it on a monitor, but still good to have it and very useful in some cases like, if you have a short cord of headphones.


ViewSonic TD2340

Like any other monitor, ViewSonic TD2340 has picture settings that you can manipulate and set for your own preferences. For instance you would like to increase and decrease contrast/brightness, you can navigate into it, via touch-sensitive controls. Other settings are also present such as:

ViewSonic TD2340

Auto Image Adjust (Adjust your screen / color / dimension / contrast / etc… automatically)

Contrast/Brightness (Adjust the contrast and brightness of the screen)

ViewSonic TD2340

Input Select (Select your desired display input from D-Sub, HDMI and DISPLAYPort)

ViewSonic TD2340

Audio Adjust (Audio Controls such as: Volume up and down, Mute, and Audio Input)

ViewSonic TD2340

Color Adjust (Adjust the color temperature settings on sRGB, Bluish, Cool, Native, Warm, and User Color which enables you to control the RGB settings.)

ViewSonic TD2340ViewSonic TD2340

Information (Shows the information of your Monitor’s resolution, Horizontal and Vertical Frequency, Pixel Clock, Model Number, and Serial Number)

ViewSonic TD2340

Manual Image Adjust (Adjust your screen: Horizontal / Vertical Position, Horizontal Size, Fine Tune, Sharpness, Dynamic Contrast, Response Time, Overscan and Eco Mode which has three modes – Standard | Optimize | Conserve)

ViewSonic TD2340

Setup Menu (Language Select, Resolution Notice, OSD Position, OSD Time Out, OSD Background, OSD Pivot, Auto Power Off, Sleep, and Power Indicator)

ViewSonic TD2340

Memory Recall (Reset the monitor’s factory settings)

ViewSonic TD2340

The ViewSonic TD2340’s 10-point multi-touch works in great shape, responsive and in flawless.  The multi-gesture touches like swiping, pinching, rotating and stretching works with no difficulty, smooth and in excellent touch responses.

ViewSonic TD2340

If you’re using Windows 7 or 8, you will enjoy the on-screen keyboard like typing on a tablet.

ViewSonic TD2340

As for the sRGB colors, the red and green are in most accurate leaving the blue in a downside, but fortunately it didn’t affect the overall performance and color quality. Being an IPS panel monitor, it delivers most accurate and a fine viewing colors, as a matter of fact, the TD2340 has no loss of color and luminance while viewing the screen on another point of angle. This is what you’re going to expect on the IPS panel, which is very important in TD2340 in screen orientation (via tilt angle range or even rotating it to portrait or landscape mode).

ViewSonic TD2340
The video renders a good image quality (Video / Images courtesy of Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted, we use it for the demonstration purpose only.)


In delivering the grayscale details (from lighter to darker), it has well optimize light and dark details due to its fine contrast ratio of 1000:1 and brightness of 250 cd/m2. Scaling thru the images and text are viewable and readable.

In terms of power consumption, the TD2340 daily operating consumption is 23W (typical) in an Eco Mode. Power consumption depends on the user preferences whether operating it with audio (45W) or without audio (22W). You can still lower the power consumption by 18.5W while in Conserve or Power Save Mode. Having an Eco Mode to this monitor is a top notch and great feature to have when conserving power usage.

TD2340 Price? The SRP Price of TD2340 is Php 31,800 (PH – Innovista Technologies Inc.) | Amazon Price: $505 (USD), which is typically expensive for a 10-point multi-touch and Windows 8 certified monitor.

ViewSonic TD2340

VERDICT: The TD2340 is a killer 23-inch (10-point multi-touch monitor with 1920×1080 Full HD resolutions) and thanks to its IPS capacitive touch-screen, you can get the most of it with a Windows 7 or 8 OS. It is expensive, quite reflective screen and has a big foot stand which I don’t mind it at all. Looking at a bright side, it has good color quality (whether in terms of image and text), energy efficient, wall mountable, flexible stand (wide tilt range and you can even rotate it to portrait or back to landscape), wide range of display inputs and responsive touch-screen.

ViewSonic TD2340

Release / Availability / Price: TD2340 SRP Price: PHP 31,800.00 | For the availability of the ViewSonic TD2340, contact the local distributor of ViewSonic: Innovista Technologies Inc. (137 4th Floor, ATCO Bldg, 137 Aurora Blvd. San Juan, Metro Manila 1500 | Tel. Nos. (02) 723-4278/79 and (02) 722-0495)

For more information about the product(s), please visit the ViewSonic website (click here).


(Disclosure: ViewSonic – TD234, Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted – Info / Video / Logo / Images / Pictures have a respective copyright. We used it for demonstration purpose only.)

If something in your mind to comment or suggest, please let us know. In our efforts to provide detailed information, there is possibility of inaccurate contents. If you see any mistake or incomplete in our information, please don’t hesitate to tell us. We will fix it immediately as soon as possible.

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  1. AdamXMosaic says:

    nice review, its quite expensive but its a windows 8 certified and a 10-touch point. so its recommended for windows 8 users.

  2. Rua Frets says:

    wow i would like to have that multi touchscren monitor, but so darn expensive… XD

  3. Chuck T says:

    Bulky but sturdy, good quality image/video monitor, very responsive touchscreen.

  4. Jonathan says:

    hey ya i did read your review, its an impressive and expensive monitor. i wish i can avail that with affordable value, well i guess that’s the trade off when you buy a good quality of touchscreen monitor.

  5. Orion says:

    two thumbs up for your review bro! nice touchscreen monitor, how lucky you have one.

  6. BlackMoriganMarvel says:

    solid, great for image and video editing.

  7. Chord says:

    Sound Packaged – SRS Premium Sound rocks! \m/

  8. Snear says:

    Heavy foot stand which doesn’t fall off when you keep swiping on it. Good point!

  9. mayaday says:

    useful to the kids, smooth and clean style while swipe.

  10. Nah Uno says:

    lots of display ports such as HDMI, many ways you can used the monitor is the best. ill give 5/5 stars!

  11. Rawr says:

    big and heavy, but its worth a bucks to have it.

  12. IDIGO says:

    nice review man, keep it up! i like that touchscreen even thought it is expensive.

  13. Avalon Gonzalez says:

    I searched for this title and found this, great read/review!

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