You want to try wearable tech without draining out your salary? There’s an answer for that – the Modoex M8 Bluetooth Smartwatch is a wearable tech that can answer calls without reaching your phone inside the bag plus, comes with affordable price tag.

Modoex M8 Bluetooth Smartwatch
Modoex M8 Smartwatch Box (price starts @ Php 524)
Modoex M8 Bluetooth Smartwatch

But not only that, you can even listen to music using its speaker via Bluetooth connectivity. It also allows you to connect compatible smartphone for instant notifications, take photos or even read text messages.

Modoex M8 Bluetooth Smartwatch
Modoex M8 Smartwatch

There’s a health monitoring tools such as the sleep monitor and pedometer to monitor daily movement.

Modoex M8 Bluetooth Smartwatch
USB Cable, Extra Screen Protector and Manual

The Modoex M8 body is made of plastic while the back is in steel plate. The strap is composed of rubber (or silicone) with a steel buckle.

Modoex M8 Bluetooth Smartwatch
From the right side, it has a power button (on/off)
Modoex M8 Bluetooth Smartwatch

Modoex M8 Bluetooth Smartwatch
From the left side, the speaker, USB slot (for charging) and Microphone.

Modoex M8 Bluetooth Smartwatch

The display has a 1.44-inch LCD with resistive touchscreen at 128 x 128 pixels. While it fits perfectly on the arm, there’s no fancy thing you can see here except for the features that beholds on the smartwatch.

Modoex M8 Bluetooth Smartwatch
Digital Clock display with Date format and under of it is the Menus

The three touch buttons below: Menu/Select key, Swipe/Selection key and Return Key.

You can use the menu key to answer the call, and the middle key is for the voice cancellation. The time follows the 24-hour format (military time format), sadly, there’s no option to change that.

You can change the home or the clock display, go to Settings – Clock – Clock Type. From there, there are only three options: Analog1, Analog2 and Digital.

Modoex M8 Bluetooth Smartwatch
Analog 1

Modoex M8 Bluetooth Smartwatch
Analog 2

Modoex M8 Bluetooth Smartwatch

There are couple of settings and features you can explore in here, such as the Anti lost (so that you won’t forget your phone whenever you left it), Power Save (conserve the battery juice) and Ringtone (change the ringtone, alert type and the ring type).

Modoex M8 Bluetooth Smartwatch

Barometer – is a scientific instrument used in meteorology to measure atmosphere pressure. Pressure tendency can forecast short term changes in the weather

Altimeter – Hikers must periodically re-calibrate their altimeters when they reach known altitude, such as a trail junction or peak marked on a topographical map (actually I haven’t test it out, if the device can accurately measure it).

Pedometer – helps you to monitor daily movement (time monitoring movement distance, duration, number of steps, and energy consumption).

Stopwatch – works like any stopwatch in the market (nothing special).

Modoex M8 Bluetooth Smartwatch

Bluetooth connectivity to connect your compatible Android and iOS devices, so that you can access its Phonebook (for the contact list), the Dialer (to dial numbers without bring out your phone) and the Messages (to read text messages).

Modoex M8 Bluetooth Smartwatch

Calls (to view missed, dialed and received calls), BT notice (to receive notifications to your smartwatch), BT music (to play music via its speaker) and BT camera (now you got a remote camera to take photos).

Modoex M8 Bluetooth Smartwatch

Alarm – you can set your alarm clock in here (what possible time, every day or once, alarm tone, alert type, enable and disable it).

Sleep monitor – Improve your sleep habits (this will help you to wake up at the best possible time of the morning).
Calendar – view the calendar in the given month.
Calculator – works like a standard calculator.


The Modoex M8 has a battery capacity 230 mAh (rechargeable battery) which can last up to 2 days via standby mode. Charging time about 1 hour and can used up to 8 hours (can be vary depends on the usages).

Modoex M8 Smartwatch Specs:
Dimensions: 40 x 47 x 9.9mm
Display: TFT 1.54 “multi touch, Resolution 240 x 240 pixels
Chipset | CPU: MTK6261-A
RAM: 32MB | ROM: 32MB
Connectivity: micro USB port, Bluetooth 3.0
Battery Capacity: 3.7V/230mah rechargeable battery
Charging time: about 1 hour
Standby time: about 160 hours

Compatible with iOS Apple iPhone 4s/5/5s/5s/6 (Not supported messaging: FOR CALLS ONLY) | Android Samsung S2/S3/S4/S5/Note 2/Note 3 HTC | and other Android Devices

Price: ranges to Php 524 – Php 600

VERDICT: If you are looking for an affordable smartwatch without its charismatic look then this might buy your attention. Aside from simplistic style, in comparison to high end smartwatches, the features may not be as you expected. Overall, with simple functions and features set on the device is worthy to have plus on an entry level price tag.

Modoex M8 Bluetooth Smartwatch

Availability / Price: Modoex M8 Bluetooth Smartwatch available via Lazada Online Store for the price of Php 524 (as of 03/27/2016). Also available in other colors: white, blue, red and pink. (Prices may vary depends on market/color availability)

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  1. ok naman sya hindi mo mahahalata na cheap, very useful naman even yung mga basic features like calculator and calendar.

  2. okay naman sya, pero nasira agad yung strap nung sakin. nilagyan ko na lang ng mighty bond para permanent nakadikit na. so far okay naman performance.

  3. mahigit na 1 month na sakin, wala naman ako na encountered na problem. hindi ko lang gusto yung speaker overall satisfied naman ako.

  4. yung strap lang nya dapat mong inggatan. screen protector bili na lang kau ng scratch proof para hindi madaling magasgasan.

  5. Nawala ung barometer and ung alitimeter ko nung nagreset ako.. Anu po pwede ko gawin? And wala pa paraan para maging 12 hours ung time ayaw ko kc ng militay time eh

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