Unable to remove folders and files read-only attribute on Windows Server 2008 Network Map Drives

I’ve encountered problems while I’m renaming folder on the Windows Server Network Map Drives.

Here’s the guide/tips to easily fix to issue:

1. I used this program/software Clear Read-Only. Its effectiveness depends on the situation of the current system. Installation and How to use Clear Read-Only click here.

2. Another solution I found is in the Microsoft Support Database – Unable to remove Read-Only attribute from folder – Microsoft Official Site click here.

3. If all fails, my guess that your computer causing the problem.

My recent experience was that, I cannot rename certain folder via Network Map Drive of Windows Server 2008. I know that there aren’t any issue on the server side, since its NTFS filesystem and security rights via network map drives are intact. Including file sharing, user and administrator permissions via read and write.

Then just a snap on my head, I found an idea to try to other computer, then access the Network Map Drives of the Server, trying renaming the current folder. From that computer, I was successfully renaming the folder without any issue.

Another experience, I was renaming the folder then suddenly I cannot rename it. I wait for a minute then re-try it again, and then I was successfully enabled to rename it.

For my conclusion I guess it has to do on the Windows Credentials and Network Map Drive Path.

This is the process on how I resolve the issue on Network Map Drive:

3.1 Remove the Network Map Drive from Windows Explorer. Remove the Windows Credential on that Server.
Unable to remove read-only attribute

3.2 Reconnect on the Network Map Drive (before I used the Computer Name/ Host Name), I used the Network Map Drive Address for example \\\F$

Unable to remove read-only attribute
Unable to remove read-only attribute
Re-enter Username and Password. Then I try to rename those folders that I cannot instantly rename it. It works like magic. I can successfully rename folders without any issue.

Try to explore its usages, then comment here if you found one interesting to share.
That’s all! I hope this guide and tips helps you out! Cheers! 😀

(Note: Microsoft (Windows Server 2008) and Clear Read-Only Logo/Images/Pictures has a respective copyright. I used it for demonstration purpose only.)

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