Ubuntu 11.10 overwrites resolv.conf to empty file after Manual Editing the resolv.conf
by: Revengksky Joseph D. Reyes (a.k.a rjdreyes –

In Ubuntu 11.10, after manually editing the resolv.conf and then after the system is reboot, the resolv.conf is still empty. The same manner, if you used the network manager then input the DNS or nameservers, your internet connection seems not working. This is cause by two reasons(or maybe more, if I assume on other settings). First: The conflict of the settings/packages that are installed in the system, and the Second: network manager seems not working properly, within manually editing of resolv.conf.

(Note: For this event you may need an internet connection, in case of need to install or download available updates on your Ubuntu OS.)

(Note: It will ask for a administration password, or your own account password, type it and press Enter.)

To make a solution: Based on my experience is to purge the network manager and continue manually editing the resolv.conf.

1. How to purge the network manager?: Good question, type this following command in the Terminal, sudo apt-get remove – -purge network-manager*

2. Then reboot afterwards.

3. Manual edit of the resolv.conf, in terminal type, sudo gedit /etc/resolv.conf

Then now try to put the DNS or nameservers their. Afterwards, reboot you will see that the resolv.conf is not empty anymore.

4. Another relevant encounter and another problem ?: Maybe you experience it too, after you remove/purge the network manager, the Ubuntu Software Center isn’t working to download and install applications/packages.

5. To fix the problem, Go to System Settings then click Software Sources, from there, click on Other Software Tab, then click/check the Canonical Partners(both) then click Close. (Let it run the scan/update).

6. Go to Terminal, then type, sudo apt-get update, (This will able to update some packages/repositories). After that, the Update Manager will launch automatically, then click Install Updates to update the packages/repositories.    

7. After the updates, try to restart the system, then run Ubuntu Software Center, now you will able to download and install applications/packages.


I hope this helps you out! 😀

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