Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal)Latest Version is Here.

by: Revengsky Joseph D. Reyes (a.k.a rjdreyes)

At last the new ubuntu 11.04 latest version is here. I’m very excited on the new looks and style of it, but in any new releases, there are advantages and disadvantages or there are people who are happy and some are not.

As I conduct research on discussion threads, many or some of old time users are quite unhappy because new releases means new modifications and sometimes new modifications requires more or higher computer specifications.

Some people still using old pc (Pentium III or alike), because they intended to used linux distro like ubuntu which can load faster applications. But for the new changes, some still stick on their old ubuntu versions and not going to intend to used the latest version.

Other people having problems on the installations, were there is a bug and errors coming up thru the installations. Updating the packages committing bugs or errors, if i’m going to think of it, yeah sure there is no perfect application or software, it needs to be improve or need to submit the bugs and errors to the support team.

One thing to look at, is the Unity interface of the Ubuntu 11.04, a quite people disappointed on it, so far people like to switch on gnome or kde. Sadly to say as myself, i’m still using Ubuntu 10.04 LTS which for me, still good and I don’t have any problems on my Pentium 4 Computer. 🙂

Further more, other people still think about the graphic card supported of the unity 3d, there are people reported that there are bugs on nvidia driver while activating the desktop effects.

I’m trying to break apart the reputation of ubuntu, the mere fact is, i’m a loyal and devoted user of ubuntu. I would like to thank ubuntu for opening the world of FOSS for everyone. Ok enough of it, for some people have brand new netbook and pc, this ubuntu 11.04 latest version is for you.
As for people in some discussion threads, ubuntu 11.04 with unity 3d is a real deal. Because anything you want from unity 3d interface that change from the old default gnome, features, applications, and the speedy responses is there. 😀

So far my opinion and my research is not a basis, whether you going to used ubuntu 11.04 or not. You just have to try it on yourself. (That’s I’ve learn on my experience). I tried it on my netbook, and it works perfectly, I haven’t tried on the PC but I will (maybe).

I will leave the questions upon you (as users), if its a good or bad move of ubuntu canonical? Only the time will tell and you might want to discover it on yourself.

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