Twitter outs its new feature called ‘Mute’, a capability to let you control your account in muting certain Twitter user. The muted users, their tweets or retweets will no longer visible in your home timeline. You will also no longer received any direct / push or SMS notifications from the muted users.

Twitter Mute Feature

So does the muted user can still view your tweets?
The muted user will be to see your tweets and can also be add to favorite, reply and retweet, but you will no longer see it on your home timeline.

Does the muted user know that he/she is being muted?
The muted user will never know it.

Can you unmute the muted user?
You can unmute the muted user at anytime you wish.

How to mute a twitter user?
To mute certain twitter user, go to his/her profile, click or tap the gear icon, and then choose mute @username.

Note: This feature will be available within coming weeks. So stay tuned.

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