How to switch on, boot-up, or turn on the computer motherboard without using the computer power case button
By: Revengsky Joseph D. Reyes (a.k.a – rjdreyes –

In this article, we can switch on the motherboard by using a jumper tool or a ordinary tools, for a quick diagnostic without connecting it to the computer casing and switching on the power button.

(Note: Improper or mishandle used of this guideline is totally out of my responsibility, used this at your own risk.)

Tools you need or can be used:
Paper clip or any metal wire will do.
Jumper clips

1. Know your motherboard model and brand, find the manual of your motherboard then look for the F_PANEL or SYSTEM PANEL CONNECTOR.
2. Usually all motherboard have same layout of F_PANEL CONNECTOR, as for the example image, the PWR BTN is the one you should take note for switching on the computer motherboard.

3. My favorite method would be using a paper clip, be sure to strip off the wire jacket on both ends, at least small portion enough for connecting on both PWR BTN (PWR and GND) connector. The both ends of the paper clip wire must be put into the pwr btn connectors. (Note: Then at least 3 – 4 seconds before you take it off quickly, on the pwr btn connectors).

4. On Jumper clips just connect it to the pwr btn connectors then least 3 – 4 seconds before you take it off quickly at the connectors.

5. On Screwdrivers, the only thing you have to do is to put it into the pwr btn connectors then least 3 – 4 seconds before you remove it at the connectors.

There tons of usage to this, using coins or metal connectors would do, try the above recommended tools that can help you to switch on your motherboard without using the power buttons for a fast diagnostic.

I hope this helps your concern! 😀 Cheers!

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