Knowing or tracking who you following on your Instagram/Twitter Account is easy, but the hardest part is knowing who unfollowed you. These are lists of social media websites that you can used to track these unfollowers. (for Twitter and Instagram)


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You can sign in whether Twitter or Instagram account, go to Recent Unfollowers or Not following back. But it has sort of daily limit which you can unfollow for FREE account.

Qwitter (for Twitter)


Screenshot via Qwitter Website

You can see who unfollowed you on Twitter. Free account can only track one twitter account, check your unfollowers and updated weekly.

Goodbye, Buddy!(for Twitter)

Goodbye, Buddy!Goodbye, Buddy!

Screenshot via Goodbye, Buddy! Website

Goodbye, Buddy! is a Twitter unfollower tracker. Every time you log in, Goodbye, Buddy! checks your followers and compares them to ones when you last logged in. If someone is missing, that one is a new unfollower!

Who.Unfollowed.Me (for Twitter)


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Sign in with your Twitter account, you will be using lite account and as a lite user you can only see 100 of them. You need to upgrade to Pro account and see all of them and have the ability to unfollow them.

mr.unfollowr (for Twitter)

mr.unfollowr - Twitter account

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Follow this twitter account (click follow button). Then you will receive direct message from this account whenever someone unfollowed your twitter account.

Unfollowgram (for Instagram)


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Check who unfollowed You on Instagram / Check who doesn’t follow you back / Check who you don’t follow back / Manage followers/following.

Insta.friendorfollow (for Instagram)


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Check who’s not following you back or either way. Check who are your friends on Instagram.

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