BlackBerry phones have always been the perfect choice for business users, and the new BlackBerry 10 OS is no exception. With a redesigned BlackBerry Hub and innovative BlackBerry Flow technology that allows users to easily move between active frames, getting the job done is easier than ever. Still need a little extra help to boost your productivity at work? Check out these top 5 office apps for BlackBerry:

1. PlayCloud 10.If your work involves lots of file sharing and editing, PlayCloud 10 should be one of the very first apps you download. PlayCloud is a native file manager with integrated cloud service, meaning it allows you to sync your local files with FTP, WebDAV, Box, DropBox, SkyDrive, Google Drive, and your SD-­‐Card. Not only can you store and open files using PlayCloud 10, you can also transfer them from one storage space to another and print them once you’ve connected your device to a wireless printer.

Top 5 office apps on Blackberry
2. Conqu. For those of you who need a little extra help organizing and managing tasks, there’s Conqu. The app allows you to organize tasks using a variety of different markers—including custom-made tags, contexts, flag colors, and due dates. If something is not as high of a priority, put it on the “Backburner” for later. It even allows you to delegate tasks to others when there’s simply too much to do yourself.

Top 5 office apps on Blackberry
3. Top 5 office apps on BlackberryBusiness Cards for BlackBerry 10. The new BlackBerry 10 OS does a great job of syncing up contact information across your email and social networking contacts, but what about those physical business cards you collect when you’re at a networking event? Instead of typing them into your phone by hand, Inside BlackBerry suggests using the Business Cards app. The app allows you to scan the card—hand-written notes and all—into your BlackBerry device using OCR technology so that you’ll have all the information you need when you need it.



Top 5 office apps on Blackberry
4. Stocks for BlackBerry 10. Want a device that will allow you to easily track your stocks and monitor your Portfolio in real-­‐time when you’re travelling or sitting in on an important work meeting? Enter Stocks for BlackBerry 10. The app supports over 40 different worldwide exchanges and indexes to keep you apprised of the latest stock charts and stock price data. Choose to save charts for future reference or share them with co-­‐workers over BBM. Crackberry also notes that it comes with Active Frames support so you can peek at the numbers without interrupting other work.



Top 5 office apps on Blackberry
5. ClipMan Clipboard Manager. Need to share a quote from a news article with a co-worker? Want to include info from the web in a report? ClipMan Clipboard Manager makes it easy to manage content you’ve copied across websites, emails, and apps. With ClipMan, you can easily search the text you’ve copied, edit it, and then share it with a variety of targets. Never lose another word!




*Disclosure/Disclaimer: An important note, we are just sharing this information to the public, provided by our source (Hesh Salazar of Tony’s Tech Tips – a student who is passionate about technology and would like to improve my writing skills further by writing for other people). BlackBerry Apps / OS / Info / Logos / Photos / Images have respective copyrights.

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