Do you sometimes worry about your Mobile phone or Smartphone battery lifespan? You may wonder how to keep it stable, accurate and healthy. These simple pointers might help you to save your battery lifespan from degrading.

Mobile Phone Battery Lifespan
Don’t drain it too much, to the point of 0 percent before charging it, this cause degrading to battery lifespan. Heavy discharges means a lot of work to do for your battery in terms of charging.

In terms of charging, you can charge it right away if you’re battery is in 50 or 60 percent (or more). That means less work for your battery on charging. Especially, in today’s Smartphone’s lithium-ion battery doesn’t bother to be charge on less than 80 percent range.

Other thing to point out on charging, don’t fully it to 100 percent charge and leave it overnight, this will lead to deterioration of battery’s lifespan.

Zero to Full charge once or twice a month is okay, this make your battery always in shape and accurate.

If you’re going to leave your Smartphone for days (like going out for a trip), make sure you will keep it safe on cool and dry location. Leave 50% percent of its battery juice to avoid fully discharge.

Your mobile phone or Smartphone worst case scenario is leaving in on very hot place. Such as leaving it inside your car, store it on extreme heat location, or exposed it under the sun.

Use same voltage of your Smartphone’s charger. This will keep prolong your battery’s lifespan. (Likewise, always bring your Smartphone’s charger, if the voltage is too high it might damage your Smartphone’s components sooner or later.)

That’s it and hopefully this tip might help you out! Kindly drop a comment/message on what you prefer and share something you might want to add on the topic. 🙂

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