The Best and Top Smartphones a must have – May 2013 edition

(featuring Xperia Z, Galaxy S4, iPhone 5, Galaxy Note II, and more…)

Here are the lists of best and top smartphones (a must have) this May 2013, we scout some of the best (whether it’s an Android, Windows Phone 8, iOS or BlackBerry) Smartphones:

Sony Xperia Z

1. Sony Xperia Z – Promises its core packaging with dust and water resistant Smartphone out there. The promise aren’t broken, this Smartphone does the job with beauty and toughness. (Check out – Sony Xperia Z Gallery, Images and Review)





2. HTC One – Sophisticated design, unique feature and stunning HD display and sound. HTC One is the beast with fantastic Android Smartphone quality. (Check out – HTC One Gallery, Images and Overview)





Samsung Galaxy S4
3. Samsung Galaxy S4 – the big brother of Samsung Galaxy S3 with new specs and features and of course larger screen display. 1.6GHz octa-core processor, 2GB RAM, 16/32/64GB internal storage, good quality of camera, what more to ask for. (Check out – Samsung Galaxy S4 Gallery, Images and Review)



Apple iPhone 5

4. Apple iPhone 5 – All new design of iPhone 5, has larger display, faster chipset and wireless technology, ultra thin and ligthest iPhone. (Check out – iPhone 5 Gallery, Images and Specifications)





Samsung Galaxy Note II

5. Samsung Galaxy Note II – you need a Smartphone / Tablet like? Then this gadget must be your looking for? Speed: 1.6 GHz Quad-core processor, Android OS, v4.1.1 (Jelly Bean), 5.5 inch Screen display, its consider as one of the must have Android Smartphones. Well, it is not for everybody’s hand, but certainly, we like this Smartphone a lot. (Check out – Samsung Galaxy Note II Gallery, Images and Specifications)


Samsung Galaxy SIII

6. Samsung Galaxy SIII – old model but still kicking, this Android Smartphone, can still be on the game for those forgotten how cool this smartphone is. As new devices appear, S3 becomes more affordable and wanted for. (Check out – UNBOXING Samsung Galaxy SIII Images, Specs, Review)





7. LG Optimus G (E975) – we love how polish this Smartphone is, from its form factor shielded with Corning Gorilla Glass 2 (both the front and back panel). (Check out – LG Optimus G Images, Specs, Features Overview, Price)




Lenovo K900

8. Lenovo K900 – Aluminum body form factor gives the user of this Smartphone a new look and style. Came along with the 2GHz Dual-core Intel Atom, 2GB RAM, and a huge screen display of 5.5 inches, another must have tablet-smartphone division. (Check out – Lenovo K900 Images, Features, Specs, Overview)




Nokia Lumia 920

9. Nokia Lumia 920 – The Nokia Lumia 920 is the big man of Windows Phone. It highlights the camera quality of the phone, in which it offers high-class low-light performance for extensive low-light camera photo, one of the best features of Nokia’s imaging. Even though, this Smartphone is really bulky and heavy. (Check out – Nokia Lumia 920 Gallery, Specs, Overview, Price)


BlackBerry Z10

10. BlackBerry Z10 – well known being the best QWERTY communicator, but this time, they offer full touch screen capacitive display, newer specs and features, with their newest BlackBerry 10 OS, even though still lacking app availability among to its rival smartphones. (Check out – BlackBerry Z10 Gallery, Specs, Overview, Price)

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