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If you got a Nokia X Smartphone and wondering how to take screenshot on your phone, there’s a simple trick to do that. Like any other Android smartphones, you can do this by press and hold the volume down key plus the power button.

How to: Nokia X Screenshot

Alternatively, there are tons of apps that you can used to take a screenshot on your Nokia X. There is an app that you can download on App Store called “Screenshot everywhere”. It is a small icon that floats in the upper part of your Nokia X screen. Tap it then you will have your screenshot.

How to: Nokia X ScreenshotHow to: Nokia X Screenshot
How to: Nokia X ScreenshotHow to: Nokia X Screenshot

Note: You may need to root your Nokia X Smartphone in using these apps. (How to Root your Nokia X – click here)

How does it work for you? Do you have any trick up to your sleeves? Kindly share it to us or drop by a comment. We hope these tips help you out!


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  1. hey i can used the combo keys, ill going to try the tap to screenshot. ill get back when i root the phone

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