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How to see who likes your Facebook Pages

I often ask by other colleague, how to view who like your facebook fan page? It’s easy as taking a nap. 1. Login to your Facebook account. Click your Facebook Page. 2. From the Facebook Page Admin Panel, click See Likes. 3. You will see People Who Like this Prompt. Another way: 1. Read more ...

Customize your YouTube Channel URL

If you already have your YouTube Channel, then certainly you have got a very long line of YouTube Channel URL. To shorten this, you have quick guide and with easy setup without going around to other website. 1. Login to your YouTube account (using Gmail Account). 2. At top right side, click the Read more ...

Where to find your YouTube User ID and Channel ID

Everyone who has Gmail/YouTube Account can create its own youtube channel which has a unique user ID and channel ID.  These can be used on youtube apps and other services. Knowing what your YouTube User ID and Channel ID can be important in the social media and other services. 1. Login to your YouTube Read more ...

Know and Find your Facebook ID

As you observed, you’re Facebook Page or Profile URL something goes like this (as for an example only): http://www.facebook.com/pages/MyPageName/123456789101112 http://www.facebook.com/username To check whether you are using username or display id number, 1. Login to your Facebook account. 2. Read more ...

How to Auto Refresh Web Pages using Web Browser or Software

Automatic Refresh Web Pages using Web Browser (Chrome or Firefox) or Software FAQ: Why do I need Auto Refresh Web Page? There are times you need the latest feed of website page, for some websites, unfortunately, they aren’t able to refresh their website automatically or let’s say they might Read more ...


What is nofollow or dofollow? How to find out if the link is a dofollow or nofollow? As you observed the web pages, from the hyperlinks, you may find the “rel” attributes. From there, you may often ask what is rel=”nofollow” or rel=”dofollow” actually do. The rel attribute from the hyperlink Read more ...
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