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Good day Pinoy Cyber-Mobile Addicts! Great things comes from our network with UNLIMITED calls and text, and we proud to say that SUN Cellular did it again, not just by unli calls and text, but with a new thing to offer to mobile consumers. SUN Prepaid SIM offers a consumer to choose their own mobile number. A good news isn’t it?

Usually, this offer bundle only for postpaid subscribers, but now even a budget paid sim kit can have this amazing features.
SUN Choose your own mobile number
How to have one? Buy SUN Name UR Number SIM Prepaid Kit, insert your SUN Name Ur Number SIM to your phone, then follow the instructions. (Easy right?)
Example: you can name it like this 0942-9-IM-TROY or 0942-8-IM-NICA, amazing isn’t it?
You got personalize SUN Prepaid SIM number easily, with a right budget on your hand. Doesn’t cost too much, you can have it for just Php 59 (Philippine Peso), easily to have personalize number, just follow the code that will prompt on your phone, then the 7 digit number will start (either 8 or 9) and then followed by your own (6 digits) number.
Don’t worry if you’re number is already taken, you can choose from the list of alternative name number or enter another combination.

What’s even greater (you got this when you purchase SUN Name Ur Number SIM):
*200 texts to other networks
*200 Sun texts
*70 minutes calls
*All valid for 5 days

For more info visit SUN Official Site – Name UR Number SIM

*Disclosure: An important note, we are just sharing this information to the public, provided by our source, logos, images has respective copyrights. All SUN Logo/Images/Pictures has a respective copyright. We used it for demonstration purpose only.

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