After the shutdown of Flappy Bird by its creator “Dong Nguyen”, lots of things happened like selling of Smartphones with Flappy Bird installed, while others try to mimic the game such like “Flappy Bert” recently developed by Sesame Street, and other developers focus on adding the word Flappy on their game apps.

Speaking of the mimic, the app stores like Apple and Google would no longer accepting apps with Flappy on its title according to their guidelines.

Flappy BirdFlappy Bird


Their reason is the tons of apps (with Flappy word on its title) floating around the app stores in which, mislead some of the users and the app name attempts to leverage the popular app.

But before Dong Nguyen popular game app “Flappy Bird”, the word Flappy in the app stores is acceptable and it doesn’t seems in the guidelines. Ken Carpenter, an app developer from Vancouver, submit a game app called “Flappy Dragon” but rejected by the app stores. And it seems other game apps by other developers with Flappy on the title were also rejected by the very same reasons.

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By Sniper

5 thoughts on “Sorry, apps with “Flappy” in title are no longer acceptable on App Stores”
  1. now that’s a fact. how come they made that kind of guidelines. how about if i create a game app and gained its popularity and i name it high pitch… then suddenly all games put a high on their titles… so next time they will banned the title with high on it.

  2. ill be happy if they allowed it. since the previous developer of flappy bird pull out his app on app stores.

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