Tips/Guide/Quick Fix: Sony PC Companion cannot detect my Sony Xperia Smartphone on Android 4.0 ICS
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One of my colleagues tells me about his experience on Sony Xperia Smartphone; Recently, I experience a problem on my Sony Xperia Smartphone, when I need to transfer some files on my SD card storage. I insert the USB cable on my phone via Micro USB cable the plug it in thru USB slot of my PC, but when I already connect it, it doesn’t detect by Sony PC Companion nor the PC.
Sony PC Companion cannot detect the phone

There are couple of reasons why this happen, (Let us proceed to diagnostic/tips in order our Sony Xperia Smartphone be detected by the Sony PC Companion):

1. Download and Install Sony PC Companion (this we ensure that you have got the updated software).

2. First check the Micro USB Cable, it can be faulty or not working properly. Change it or borrow a spare Micro USB Cable to your friend then try to use it, see if that’s resolves your issue.

3. Check the Sony PC Companion Application if it’s updated, if not, try to update it or try to download the latest software on their Official Website. (click here to download update software of Sony PC Companion)

4. Try enabling the following: Go to Settings then XperiaTM then Connectivity then from there, check/enable Install PC Companion. (This will ensure that the phone drivers will directly installed to your PC and the Sony PC Companion will be notify for any installation/updates)
Sony PC Companion cannot detect the phone
Another thing is to enable the USB Debugging: Go to Settings then Developer options then from there, check/enable USB Debugging.

5. Check your computer for any possible conflict (such as softwares/drivers/applications) that gives you an issue of your phone not being detected by the PC/Sony PC Companion. You may wish to disable/uninstall it. (e.g. Firewall, Anti-virus, recent installed USB module drivers, etc…)

6. Uninstall Sony PC Companion, and then try to restart your computer, and then install the updated Sony PC Companion. Then try to connect again your phone.

7. Try to use other PC/Laptop/Netbook then install Sony PC Companion and then connect your phone to see if that’s resolve your issue. This will also ensure where the problem lies (is either your phone or your PC).

8. If all fails, I guess you need to bring it to an expert, such as Technical Support, Sony Service Center or Mobile Technician that can help you to fix the issue.

I hope this helps you out to your concerns! Cheers! 😀

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  1. I’ve successfully installed “PC Companion” Sony Xperia in Windows. Has anyone been able to install pc companion sony xperia in within Ubuntu or any other Linux distro?

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