How to shorten the Facebook Page and Google Plus URL? Check out these tips!

As you observed, you’re Facebook Page something goes like this (as for an example only):

and you’re Google Plus URL goes like this (as for an example only):

This makes everything to long to remember, uneasy to use or in manner to see it, and for that reason, it might sounds unprofessional to your visitor/readers or person might see it.

So then what is a good URL name? or let me say how to conveniently to see it and shorten it?  No need to worry, because there is a way to make an ugly duckling to beautiful swan!

To Shorten Facebook Page/Username URL:

1. Think of a username that fit in your facebook page.

2. Login to your Facebook, then go to this link:

3. From there you can edit your Facebook Username, and from below, you can select from the drop-down menu listing all the Pages that you control.

Shorten Facebook Page and Google Plus URL

4. From the side of the drop-down menu, you can type your desired page url name.
(Where you’re
becomes like this

5. Check first for the availability, if it’s available click the Confirm button to change it.

There you have it! you got a pretty and new Facebook Page URL.

To Shorten Google Plus Page/Username URL:

Since Google Plus doesn’t have settings to custom URL (maybe in the future, they will allow it), you can used other websites to shorten your Google Plus Page URL.

Here are some websites you can able to customize and shorten your Google Plus URL:

Shorten Facebook Page and Google Plus URL

Shorten Facebook Page and Google Plus URL

Shorten Facebook Page and Google Plus URL

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