Share folders or files or even devices in Ubuntu via Network on Windows-based clients or other OS
by: Revengksky Joseph D. Reyes (a.k.a rjdreyes –

What if you have a NTFS file system or other drives that you need to shared across the network with Windows users and the mere fact you are using Ubuntu or other Linux Operating System.

(Note: For this event you may need an internet connection, in case of need to install or download available updates on your Ubuntu OS.)

(Note: For GNOME GUI, I’m not certain on other GUI Environment such as Unity, 😀 , you may try if you want, to see the results.)

Here’s the Steps / Instructions on How to Install and Configure to Share folders or files or even devices in Ubuntu via Network on Windows-based clients or other OS:

1. Go to Applications then to Accessories then click Ubuntu Software Center.

Install the following keywords: gparted, storage device manager, ntfs configuration tool and samba. The next instructions below are the links on how to used them.

(Note: It will ask for a administration password, or your own account password, type it and press Enter.)

2. Check what device you’re about to mount, used GParted – click here to follow on how to used it, to locate the exact device or media name, let’s say in my example /dev/sdb1.)

3. Be sure that the NTFS device is mount, to make it permanently mount in Ubuntu, please used Storage Device Manager click here to start how to used it.

4. Kindly used the NTFS Configuration Tool to Enable write support in Ubuntu, click here to follow instruction.)

5. Used Samba to easily share the device across your network, click here on how to used it.

Follow all those links and instructions and you will able to share the folders, files or devices you have in your network. Cheers! 😀

I hope this helps you out! 😀

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