Screen Filter acts a dimmer control for brightness filter on Android Devices
by: Revengsky Joseph D. Reyes (a.k.a rjdreyes –

Recently, I post about the RootDIM which can control your brightness and make it dimmer. However, you need a root permission to use the application.

But don’t worry, if you’re Android phone hasn’t been rooted, then this application might you are looking for. Introducing Screen Filter for Android Devices!

What is Screen Filter / Features? Applies a shade that acts as a dimmer to ensure your eyes don’t hurt. Far more powerful than Android’s built-in brightness setting. Widgets: Easy access to preset brightness levels. Tasker/Locale Plug-in! Set brightness based on time/place/etc. To disable, configure for 100% brightness. Brightness slider uses logarithmic scale for fine-grained control. Drag the app icon to your desktop to use for toggling on/off. Prompts to confirm very low brightness settings. Option to disable soft-key backlight (does not work on all phones).

Review: Works like a charm! For rooted and unrooted Android devices. Controls/Navigation area all basic button and plain bar. The usage is completely simple and easy to use. Runs smoothly. 100% Free Android Application. (Note: not all devices are compatible to this, as other reports claimed that to be)

See the sample screenshots:
Screen Filter custom brightness filter for Android PhonesScreen Filter custom brightness filter for Android Phones

For more info and to download Screen Filter visit the Google Play Store or simply click here.

Cheers! We hope this tip helps you out! 😀

(Note: Tested on Samsung Galaxy SII, Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo V, and Sony Xperia Sola, it may work also on other Sony Xperia and Android Smartphones, but still I’m not sure about it. Just see for yourself, if you own one.)

(Disclosure: Sony(Sony Xperia Sola, Neo V), Samsung(Galaxy S2) and Android OS, Applications Logo/Images/Pictures has a respective copyright. I used it for demonstration purpose only.)

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