Apple is fighting its way even without its genius co-founder, Steve Jobs, who have been described as the “Father of Digital Revolution”. Recently it launched its newest product, iPhone 5 that is reported as the most anticipated smartphone of 2012. Despite the disappointing weekend launch of the latest Apple technology, many reviews like this one regard it still supreme over other devices like that of the great Samsung tech giant, its Galaxy S3.

Samsung shelved the topmost spot in who-ranks-best with manufacturing and producing quality handsets. Presently it battles with a long-time running company that doesn’t only engage in the mobile phone industry but also in computers, main contender of Microsoft. So what does Samsung Galaxy S3 offer that Apple’s iPhone 5 becomes underdog to? Is iPhone 5’s reign in every aspect and specs?
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Let’s see:
– Display: Samsung’s got a bigger screen with a 4.8”! Because iPhone 5 gives only 4.0”, it is automatically defeated with Galaxy’s higher screen resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels! For those people who don’t really mind carrying a palm-sized gadget with them go for S3!
– Connectivity: Both use the 4G LTE network technology but in this case Samsung wins not only because it’s the first to have it but also because it handled the feature better. A lot of iPhone 5 users compliment the handset for catching up but retorts that it drains up 5’s juice faster.
– Camera: Apple wins in this aspect, the iPhone better images compared to Samsung Galaxy S3 and it also has less shutter lag. For Samsung users, it offers good features of longer exposure, has serial shot mode compared to 5’s.
– Power: GS3 has 49% more battery power compared to the latest iPhone. It’s quite versatile too since it can be charged through standard USB port cable unlike 5 that has a dedicated adapter.
– Memory: iPhone 5 counters with a built-in memory that ranges from 16GB to 64GB although Samsung Galaxy S3 offers memory expansion with a micro SD slot supporting up to 64GB. I guess it’d boil down to preference.

So what do you think? Try this commercial ad from youtube. Laugh then comment. 😀

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