For computer geeks or nerds out there, if you still got your old 3.5-inch floppy diskettes, you can turn them into new items. All you need is a little creativity and imagination. 🙂

1. It can be turn as Mug, Glass, Cup or Bottle Coaster.

Turn old floppy disks into new items

(Hey nerds! Your drinks is served, Bottoms up!)

2. Make it as a Notepad or To-do-list cover

Turn old floppy disks into new items
(Can I have a paper on your notepad, nerdie?)

-Step 1: Cut a paper within same size of the 3.5-inch floppy diskette.
-Step 2: Put a hole on the top of the paper in both sides. Make it as exact location were the bottom hole of the floppy diskette is located.
-Step 3: Put the cutted pieces of paper between the 2 floppy diskettes (bottom and top layer) as a cover.
-Step 4: From the holes, put a plastic tie or a metal jump rings.

3. Pencil, Pentel Pen, or Ballpen Case Holder

Turn old floppy disks into new items
(Man, I lost my pen, can I borrow yours, Geekie?)

-Step 1: In order to create a holder, get a 5 pieces of 3.5-inch floppy diskette, a glue stick and a glue gun.
-Step 2: Glue the 4 pieces of floppy diskette within their sides, in order to create a square box type.
-Step 3: The remaining one, at the bottom of it.

4. Backpack or Luggage Tags

Turn old floppy disks into new items
(Hey there fellow geek, that’s my bag!)
-Step 1: We need to dissamble the 3.5-inch floppy diskette, first, take out the metal shutter cover, be careful not to damage or bend it.

Turn old floppy disks into new items
-Step 2: Open the the plastic body case by splitting it into two,  make an enough opening to enable to extract the diskette magnetic data (the black circle). Make sure not to break the plastic case.

Turn old floppy disks into new items
-Step 3: After the removal of the diskette magnetic data, close the plastic body case and apply some glue on it, to make sure it won’t split or break apart.
-Step 4: Put back the metal shutter cover to the plastic body case to its location.
-Step 5: Insert a plastic tie, leather strap or metal jump rings to the hole of the metal shutter cover. (Just make sure it fits in the hole)
-Step 6: Apply a new sticker paper to the diskette, write your personal information or message and attach it on your backpack or luggage.

Feel free to comment or to suggest something in here, or anything you want to add on our article. Thanks! 🙂

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