REVIEW: Kingston DataTraveler 101 G2 USB Flash Drive

Kingston DataTraveler 101 G2

DataTraveler 101 G2 USB Flash Drive Overview:

The Kingston DataTraveler 101 G2 USB Flash Drive is an easy to carry storage device that you can used to transfer data/files between computers or other devices. It features capless, swivel design available in multiple colors by capacity.

Kingston DataTraveler 101 G2

DataTraveler 101 G2 USB Flash Drive Specifications:

Dimensions: 57.18mm x 17.28mm x 10.00mm
USB Specification: USB 2.0
Capacities: 8GB, 16GB, 32GB

DT101G2/8GB – Red
DT101G2/16GB – Black
DT101G2/32GB – Purple

Operating Temperature: 0°C to 60°C
Storage Temperature: -20°C to 85°C


Kingston DataTraveler 101 G2

>>Capless swivel design — The drive swivels open and closed to protect it when not in use. And there’s no cap to lose or break.

Kingston DataTraveler 101 G2

>>Small form factor — Compact and lightweight, DT101 G2 is easy to take with you, wherever you go.

>>Available in multiple colors — DT101 G2 is available in multiple colors, by capacity.

Kingston DataTraveler 101 G2

>>Available in multiple capacities — Capacities up to 32GB mean there’s one that’s just right for all your files.

Kingston DataTraveler 101 G2


HD Tune Pro

Kingston DataTraveler 101 G2

Minimum read speed of 17.4 MB/s, Maximum read speed of 26.9 MB/s and an Average read speed of 22.4 MB/s.

Kingston DataTraveler 101 G2

From here, another picture on how the Kingston DataTraveler 101 G2 performs on its read/write speed.


Real World Application

For actual usage, we used the file transfer app Teracopy to determine the maximum read/write speed of its transfer. For this test, we used 0.98GB file size.


Kingston DataTraveler 101 G2

The actual read speed reaches at 21 MB/s with time duration of 47.280 seconds.


Kingston DataTraveler 101 G2

The actual write speed reaches at 12 MB/s with time duration of 1 minute and 26.480 seconds.

PRICE: $17.99 USD – Kingston DataTraveler 101 G2 (32GB) at (as of April 2018) | Check also on Lazada Online Store

VERDICT: The Kingston DataTraveler 101 G2 is an entry-level USB flash drive running on USB 2.0 speed, expect to have a mediocre on both read/write performance. Although an entry-level in performance, it has smashing quality and comes with a cheap price that can store you’re personal and/or important files.

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  1. ZANDIE says:

    is it better than transcend?

  2. weng paras says:

    bought bundle product, a good mobile storage device.

  3. junior teng says:

    not good kung mabagal sya right?

  4. junjun says:

    on daily basis its a good usb flash drive. but if you’re looking fastest storage device then SSD is a right choice though not portable at hand.

  5. MEL says:

    okay sana kaya lang hindi ako sure sa lazada, kung authentic yung item binebenta ng mga merchants.

  6. jona-fang says:

    got mine from amazon. thanks mate.

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