Restoring to Factory Settings on Nokia 1616

by: Revengsky Joseph D. Reyes (a.k.a. rjdreyes)

Restoring to Factory Settings
Nokia 1616 used by Jcyberinux

1. Backup any important data, such as messages and contacts save in your phone memory.

2. At your Nokia 1616 Mobile Phone, invoke the Menu Button/Option.

3. At Menu, scroll or navigate to Settings, and invoke it.

4. At Settings, scroll or navigate to Restoring Factory Settings, and invoke it.

5. It will prompt you for security code, usually if the mobile phone provider didn’t change it, the default security code was 12345, it works like a charm. If you change it, in some other way, just input the proper security code. (press button – select to invoke it.)

6. After you entered proper security code, and select it. It will automatically reset to original nokia factory settings, like when you first bought it at the store.

7. You may manually enter your previous settings and also your backup data.

Have a nice day, I hope it helps you. 🙂

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