How to quick test and switch on the computer power supply without using case power button
By: Revengsky Joseph D. Reyes (a.k.a – rjdreyes –

In this article, we will discuss about a quick test and diagnostic on how to check the power supply, and also how to switch on the power supply by just using a jumper tool or a ordinary tools, without connecting it to the computer casing and motherboard.

(Note: Improper or mishandle used of this guideline is totally out of my responsibility, used this at your own risk.)

Tools you need or can be used:
Paper clip or any metal wire with wire jacket
Jumper clip tool

1. A quick check is to ensure all the power cables and connectors are intact and firmly in place. Check the AC Wall Outlet or Extension power outlet if it’s working or not.
Power Supply Quick Test and Diagnostics by Jcyberinux

(Note: In your diagnostic, when you plug in the power cable to the socket, and when try to turn on the computer and it won’t start or turn on. There is a tendency that you have a loosen socket or even not working socket. Try other devices like an electric fan or a like, if you still got same results, then probably it’s your wall socket/outlet is the problem not the computer power supply.)

2. Check if the switch on the power supply is turn on. The circle (0) is turn off and the minus sign (-) is turn on. See below picture of Antec Power Supply.

3. Check power connectors if connected firmly and stable – 24 pin atx (motherboard), 4pin molex (hdd, cdrom), 4pin fdd (floppy disk), 4pin p4_12v(motherboard), 15pin sata (hdd sata and cdrom sata), 6 pin pci express (pci express slot – optional), etc…

Power Supply Quick Test and Diagnostics by Jcyberinux

4. Check voltages on power supplies, usually either 115V or 230V. (At the back of the power supply there is the little red switch.)
Power Supply Quick Test and Diagnostics by Jcyberinux

5. Before you turn on any power supply check all the power cables/connectors for any stripped or loosen wires this cause further damage and can cause fire.

6. If you smell something burning rubber wires, cracking or there is a spark or a smoke out of it, turn off the power supply immediately or simply pull off the power cable on the wall outlet to avoid any further damages.

7. Check the fan if its spinning or not, most likely if the power supply fan is not spinning, then probably you have a dead power supply.

(Note: You can check the power supply if it’s working or not, without connecting it to your computer casing or motherboard by using a jumper clip tool or a paper clip. In using a jumper clip tool just clip the green wire connector and black wire connector on the hole part of the 24 pin atx power supply connector. In using a paper clip, be sure to strip off the wire jacket on both ends, at least small portion enough for connecting on both green and black connector.)

I hope this helps your concern! 😀 Cheers!

(Note: Antec Logo/Images/Pictures has a respective copyright. I used it for demonstration purpose only.)

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