How to fix – Adobe Photoshop PSD thumbnails not showing in Windows Explorer

By: Revengsky Joseph D. Reyes (a.k.a rjdreyes –

There is certain reason why PSD Thumbnails doesn’t displayed in Windows Explorer. Main reason is loading of dll or system libraries on Adobe PSD.

Here’s the solution to the problem:


1. Download the file, (this will enable you to view the psd thumbnails necessary dll library). Extract the files on the desired folder.

2. Copy psicon.dll to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Shell – (Note: If this folder doesn’t exist then create it.)

3. Run Adobe.reg, to registered the dll library in the system.

4. You now can view PSD files in Thumbnails view within Windows Explorer.

(Note: There are cases you need to restart your computer, for the formalities sake, kindly restart your computer :D) – Furthermore, this is a tutorial, used it at your own risk. So try not to mess up with your registry.


1. If happens you still have the old Adobe Photoshop 7, try this method: Uninstall the latest Adobe Photoshop you have (Note: Back up any preferences and settings you have before you proceed on doing this.)

2. Install the old Adobe Photoshop 7, then after you install the Adobe Photoshop 7, restart your computer then install your latest Adobe Photoshop(CS, CS2, CS3, ….) Restart again your computer.

4. You now can view PSD files in Thumbnails view within Windows Explorer.

METHOD 3: (If all above methods seems fails to work, used this software/codec but you have to pay for it, I think 20$)

Download this codec : The Ardfry PSD codec for Windows

If all fails, used this software/codec instead, feedbacks were enormous seems to be working on using this software/codec. – (Note: I’m not a reseller or distributor of this software/codec, so used this method if and only if, you are aware on such software/codec and used it at your own risk)


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