PS/2 or USB Keyboard – Mouse not working properly on Windows

There are situations that your keyboard and mouse function suddenly doesn’t work. PS/2 or USB Keyboard/ Mouse have many reasons why it is not working, can be faulty Port, conflict on the other software, messed up registry, etc…

Here are the instructions on how to fix the PS/2 – USB Keyboard – Mouse that doesn’t work properly:

1. Check your PS/2 – USB Keyboard or Mouse if it’s working on other computer. Test it to other computer, and then if still not working properly, then probably you got to change your keyboard or mouse.

2. Even changing the PS/2 – USB Keyboard or Mouse still not working, try to put it on other ports. Then see if it’s working properly.

3. In most and modern motherboards, there are ports (USB) dedicated for mouse and keyboard, try to put them on their respective dedicated ports.

4. Another thing you have to look is the Power Supply, for some reason if you’re Power Supply has a bad supply of voltage or electric current; I suggested you need to change it right away.

5. Check your Motherboard from burn chip or bloated capacitor; this can be the one of the reasons of failing or faulty ports or computer system. If there is, you need to change your motherboard, this can cause great problems in the future.

6. If there are other devices connected on certain Ports (USB) other than the Keyboard or Mouse, try to remove them and see if that helps to resolve the issue.

7. If the issue is not on the Hardware, it can be on a Software or Application conflict related. Another thing to look is any USB drivers that you installed earlier for certain devices, such as Smartphones and any gadgets alike. Some devices that needed a USB connection, they have their respective USB registry or software application installed on the computer, that sometimes cause the conflict within other devices.

8. If you installed Tweaking Software such as Powertoys for XP, try to removed them and see if the issue is being resolved.

9. If still the problem occur, try to do the the following, go to Settings – Control Panel – System – click to Hardware Tab – click Device Manager. From there, uninstall your keyboard or mouse device. Then restart your computer.

10. If you’re Keyboard, Mouse or any pointing devices that have driver installed on your computer. Try to uninstall the driver then reinstall it. Much better if you can get an updated or latest driver.

Well that’s it from now. If you have any suggestions and other experiences as well, you can leave it on the comment board. 😛

I hope this instructions/tips helps you to resolve your issue. Cheers! 🙂

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