Looking for PSP Media Player? Try PMPlayer Advance(PPA) FREE!
by: Revengsky Joseph D. Reyes (rjdreyes –

I’ve been searching PSP Media Player for days, luckily, I found PMPlayer Advance(PPA), which is free and convenient to play media files.

Playable Media Formats – Supported File Formats:

PMP Format V2( *.pmp ): MP4 Format( *.mp4 ):
Video:  AVC, main profile, level 2.1, <=480*272 Video: AVC, baseline profile, level 1.3, <=480*272
MPEG-4 Part2, <=480*272 AVC, main profile, level 2.1 or 3.0, <=720*480
Audio: MP3, AAC MPEG-4 Part2, <=480*272
Audio: AAC
MKV Format( *.mkv ): FLV1 Format( *.flv ):
Video: AVC, baseline profile, level 1.3, <=480*272 Video: AVC, baseline profile, level 1.3, <=480*272
AVC, main profile, level 2.1 or 3.0, <=720*480 AVC, main profile, level 2.1 or 3.0, <=720*480
Audio: AAC Sorenson H.263, <=480*272
Audio: MP3, AAC

How to Install and Use PMPlayer Advance(PPA) on Sony PSP

(Note: By the way, I’m using 5.50 firmware)

1. Download ppa.all.en.fw3xx.3.0.6(20091001) and Download ppa.eboot.en.fw3xx.3.1.5(20110421) on Cooleyes – PMPlayer Advance(PPA) – Official Site.

2. Extract first the ppa.all.en.fw3xx.3.0.6(20091001).rar, after the extraction, go inside the folder you will see the PPA3xx folder.

3. Then next extract the ppa.eboot.en.fw3xx.3.1.5(20110421).rar, after the extraction, copy and paste all the contents of the extracted file, inside the folder PPA3xx that I mention earlier. (Note: This will overwrite the contents inside of the PPA3xx folder).

4. Connect your PSP to your PC/netbook using the USB Cable. Copy PPA3xx folder, then browse on the folder, (For example: F:\PSP\GAME). From there, paste the PPA3xx folder.

5. Then create a folder where you can put all your movie/video files, let’s say for example, Videos or MyMovies (It’s up to you to name it).
(For example: F:\MyMovies)

6. Disconnect your PSP to your PC/netbook. Enjoy! 😀

Example Screenshot:
PMPlayer Advance(PPA) – Media Player

(Note: Sony(PSP) and PMPlayer Advance(PPA) Logo/Images/Pictures has a respective copyright. I used it for demonstration purpose only.)

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