PLDT HOME Bro has a new plan for you, the Ultera Plan (pronounced as ultra) is powered by TD-LTE (Time-Division Duplex Long Term Evolution network technology, which delivers wireless speeds of up to 3Mbps (for PLDT Home Bro Ultera Basic – Php 999 monthly) faster than Canopy and WiMax.

PLDT Home Bro Ultera

They said that it can Load a 3-minute Youtube video in 6 seconds, upload 20 Facebook Photos in 10 seconds, download 10 songs in 35 seconds, and download a 1.5 hours of High Definition (HD) movie in 20 minutes.

PLDT Home Bro Ultera

PLDT Home Bro Ultera has three exciting wireless internet subscriptions for you: Ultera Basic (Up to 3 Mbps – for Php 999 / month), Ultera Max (Up to 5 Mbps – for Php 1,599 / month) and Ultera Pro (Up to 10 Mbps – for Php 1,999)

PLDT Home Bro Ultera

Activation Fee will be amortized over the 1st-6th months of your subscription and will be billed on top of your MSF. Speed may drop to 30% of the original speed once you exceed the recommended usage per month. Minimum speeds of 256 kbps at 85% reliability where wireless broadband is available.

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By Ella

4 thoughts on “PLDT launches Ultera Plan, a LTE wireless internet for homes”
  1. baka naman sa una lang yan mabilis tapos babagal ulit. ayoko pa naman pinapaikot-ikot ka ng telco.

  2. mahirap kasi sinsabi nilang “up to”, ang ibig sabihin nun, hindi talaga yung actual na makukuha mong speed.

  3. mahirap talaga kapag sinasabing “up to” hindi talaga accurate na 3Mbps bibigay sayo, siguro mga 80% lang nun. dapat inspect nyo rin place nyo or ask your neighborhood kung ok yung service nila.

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