As you may know and aware the Philippines’ Cybercrime Law (Republic Act No. 10175) is now take effect (as of Feb. 18, 2014), punishing online libel, child pornography and other details said on the provisions.

After the years of restraining order preventing the Cybercrime Prevention Act to be implemented, the SC (Supreme Court) upheld the constitutionality most of its provisions.

Philippines' Cybercrime Law
(To know more about the Republic Act No. 10175 – click here)

In part of online libel, the original author of the offending statement may be sued for libel, and for those who comment, like or share of the said statement/post, will not be subjected to any penalties/crime.

However, the high court take-down that allows the DOJ (Department of Justice) to monitor/block any access to digital content or websites.

In Sept. 2012, Philippine President Benigno Aquino signed the Cybercrime bill into a law. After that, netizens went to social networking websites to express their opinion and views about the online libel provision. As we remember, there were numerous reports, that there are anonymous group of hackers, hack the government websites to express that they against of the said bill/law.

For our readers, what’s your opinion about this? Kindly share your thoughts/comments.

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6 thoughts on “Philippines’ Cybercrime Law is now in effect, online libel is constitutional”
  1. the essence of this law is to protect our children from pornography. as you may aware, the are a lot of cyber sex crime happened every day.

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