How to troubleshoot an Enhancement not supported message keeps poping out on nokia phone screen.

by: Revengsky Joseph D. Reyes (a.k.a rjdreyes –

Keep getting an “Enhancement not supported” message on your cellphone screen? When you you wake up, or just in the busy day, you experience sort of every seconds or minutes the “Enhancement not supported” message pops up on your cellphone screen.

The solution is easy… 🙂 I would recommend to try this out before taking it to nearest technician or nokia center.

Here’s the solution, steps or instructions on “Enchancement not supported” message keep poping out of your nokia cellphone screen :

1. Try to turn off your nokia phone / cellphone then remove the battery for at least a minutes ( I did was a 1 minute or 2 minutes), before I open it up again.

2. If still receiving “Enhancement not supported” message on your nokia screen, Try to turn of your nokia phone, then remove your nokia housing or covers, clean the housing and connector or ports.

Any contact cleaning solution will do. (Electronic contact cleaner is a good choice you can bought it at your nearest store)

3. Remove any dusts or dirts from your nokia housing or covers to prevent any contamination, and also to expand your nokia phone lifespan. Clean with contact cleaner solution, on connector or ports (if possible) such as headset, sim card insertion, keypads and keypad buttons, lcd screens. (Do the cleaning with a cloth, and put little contact cleaner and not so wet as possible).

4. Turn on your nokia phone / cellphone, I done this and all works out. 🙂 (Note : If problem persist, consult it on your nearest technician or nokia center).

I hope this helps you out. 🙂


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