Noise Ninja – Noise Reduction Plug-in for Photoshop
by: Revengsky Joseph D. Reyes (a.k.a – rjdreyes –

I gladly found an effective Photoshop Plug-in for removing any noise and grain on images/photos, Noise Ninja does a great job!

Noise Ninja is the most effective and productive solution for removing noise and grain from digital photographs and scanned film images. It is a must-have tool for anyone shooting in low-light or fast-action situations — including news, sports, wedding, and event coverage — where high ISO photography is required and the resulting noise compromises the image.

Best-of-breed technology Designed by a former professor of computer science, Noise Ninja is based on multiple patent-pending advances in a field of mathematics called “wavelet theory.”
Reliable, easy results Noise Ninja excels at getting you “in the ballpark” with default settings, and it responds gracefully and predictably to adjustments.
Unmatched productivity and flexibility Noise Ninja is more than just an algorithm with a user interface. It is a complete solution, designed so you can quickly and easily get the results you want.
Plug-in or standalone Noise Ninja runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux (standalone only). It is available as a Standalone application, as a plug-in for PhotoshopPhotoshop Elements, and Photoshop Filter plug-in compatible hosts, and as a plug-in for Aperture. The Standalone version is fully compatible with Lightroom and all image editors that support an “external editor” style of I/F (e.g. iPhoto, Aperture).
Add Noise Ninja to your digital toolkit today. It will pay for itself the first time it rescues an image, whether for publication or for your scrapbook.

Here’s the Sample Output:
Noise Ninja – Noise Reduction Plug-in for Photoshop

Click here to learn more about their Product – Noise Ninja

(Note: PictureCode – Noise Ninja and Adobe Photoshop Logo/Images/Pictures has a respective copyright. I used it for demonstration purpose only.)

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