This morning, I received on my Yahoo! Mail about the new Yahoo! extension for Firefox, so better might to share this news to others. But i tried to search it on Firefox Add-ons, all I get is the Yahoo! Mail Notifier, Yahoo! Mail Watcher and Yahoo! Mail Button.

Yahoo Extensions for Firefox

Some of its functionality would be as mentioned in my Yahoo! Mail:

See what’s new on Yahoo whenever you open a new tab.
– Discover breaking news and top stories tailored to your interests.
– Get real-time updates on local weather, sports scores, stock quotes, and more.
– Check your mail and search the web all in one place.

As I do my research on other people thoughts about new Yahoo! extension, so here are some of their comments/opinions:

– After you installed it, the default page when every time you open your Firefox would be the Yahoo Page.
– Yahoo! Toolbars for easy access of your Yahoo! Account and other Yahoo! Services
– Most of them you don’t really need it, probably end up using only the Yahoo! Mail.
– Nothing big changes or big thing to see.
– Others: Uninstalled it because of Yahoo! default web page when you open your Firefox web browser.
– Others: Firefox Web Browser kind of sluggish when open new tab and there were chances you encountered error.

Well, that’s it. If Yahoo! Extension works well with you, then it’s all good, otherwise, you might not really intend to use it and end up to remove it. So just see you if you want to swim in or swim out, I’ll just leave the judgement to your hands.

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