Back in the 90’s if you played Road Rash and loved it then you are in for a treat. This was one of the Play racing games online and it involved many things such as cross country racing with motorbikes but at the same time it also included fisticuffs and other stuff, which could have been as to why this game was so addicting.

Road Rash

In Road Rash players could tour America’s byways and highways in a series of arduous and long events. In all of the events players strive fast to reach the finish line before the others do. You can race as one of the good players or either you could decide to cause trouble and club, punch, or either chain whip the other foes racing with you. The only downfall with becoming one of the bad players is that you might get busted because they could do the same to you causing your game to end early.

Road Rash II had a series of many platforms that you could pick from after it was released. However, after the release of Road Rash 64 that was on the N64 back in 1999 the game has just been sitting on the shelf and not much has happened since that time, unfortunately. Get us all hooked – then forget about it, which has made many Road Rash fans sad.

Road Rash

The exciting news is that Road Rash might be coming back to life soon. Dan Geisler, series co-designer recently stated thanks to Kickstarter and posted this statement on Reddit that Road Rash might be back soon.

Road Rash
Road Rash 3D.

This was in response from one of the fan’s questions and Geisler said “After he created Road Rash 3 he experienced some burn out and was just exhausted” he went on and said “He believes he is ready to do another one in the series and he misses playing Road Rash himself and that if people are interested with the game that he will go to Kickstarter and see about doing another series”.

Fans of the series will be excited to hear this news. The only downfall is that EA will still own all of the rights to the game so it will be up to the willingness of the publisher if he wants to relinquish Road Rash. Currently EA has not shown any interest with developing the Road Rash series. Another thing to remember is that they also own the rights to the famous System Shock 2 and they have done nothing with those rights and so we will just have to continue hoping for the best with the future of Road Rash.

Highlights and Tips of Road Rash II:

– There are many bikes that you can pick in this game. Once you have $50,000 then you will be able to select some other incredible bikes.

– In order to create a strong super punch in Road Rash try holding the C Button and then up. Wait right until you get closer to the rasher and once you are closer then you can let go and give a powerful super punch.

– If you would like to make a nice $2,620,000 then right at the beginning of Road Rash go to where the password screen is and then change your four digits of the current password that you have and put in E430. The catch is you cannot change those last four digits in order to get the money. If you would like to get $2800 then just change it to those digits in the first four spaces of the password 034E but keep the rest the same.


It will be extremely exciting for fans of Road Rash if they do indeed come up with another one in the series. Agree?

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