My Laptop CPU Fan Doesn’t Spin

by: Revengsky Joseph D. Reyes (a.k.a. rjdreyes)

Some people ask me regarding this matter. “Why My Laptop CPU Fan Doesn’t Spin”, “Does itneeds replacement?” I’ll give an answer and hope to cheer up. “Don’t Panic!”

First of all, for some reasons, why laptop cpu fan doesn’t spin is because, like my Dell Latitude C600/C500 for instance, when I boot up and power on, when I check the laptop cpu fan, it doesn’t spin up.

The true reason is that, there are some Motherboards / Laptops, the laptop cpu fan doesn’t spin until it reaches certain amount of cpu temperature. For instance, my Dell Latitude C600/C500, it will only starts to spin when it reaches 70 celcius cpu temperature.
I think there are other laptops, in which there cpu’s fan doesn’t spin. If your in doubt, try to stress your cpu. For instance, put up or open up some applications then see if that’s workout.
I suggest also to put Motherboard / CPU temperature monitor, this will help you determine when your laptop reaches certain amount of cpu temperature.

There are tons of software that can be used, use google to search for it. 🙂
I’ll give you two applications I used to stress my cpu, and also to monitor the cpu temperature.

1. I8KfanGUI – For Dell Inspiron/Latitude/Precision fan control utility (for Dell)
2. Prime95 – CPU Stress Test Software / CPU Stability Test

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